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Wes Widner

Eating food is not a sin. Alcoholic beverages are food. Erego it is not a sin to drink alcoholic beverages. However, excess in either case is considered a sin not due primarialy to the amount taken in, but because of the reason. If a person eats to comfort themselves then they are sinning by placing their trust in something other than Christ. Likewise, if a person drinks to be socially accepted (by being inebriated) they are sinning because they are, again, failing to trust in Christ.

Consumption for pleasure, however, is not a valid reason for calling an action sinful. I love the taste of cheese, sushi, and beer. Their tastes are pleasurable and there is nothing in Scripture that tells us that pleasurable tastes are, in themselves, sinful.

peter lumpkins

Begging pardon

A) Alcoholic beverages are not food

B) you clearly contradict yourself, Wes

   a) on the one hand you say, eating to comfort one’s self is a sin

   b) on the other, consumption for pleasure is not a sin.

How is it you think comforting one’s self is not indicative of pleasing one’s self? Is not pleasing one’s self a pleasurable act?

Wes, you’d do well to deal with what people write. Your annoying habit lately of showing up and posting irrelevant snipes does the apologetics ministry you have no favors (not to mention the silly sound-alike nonsense--"Erego"--the pseudo-apologists of the "Reformed" community like to sport. By the way, the Latin is ergo not "Erego") .

Hence, if you do not agree with abstinence, then by all means, preach your moderation message.  But at least be relevant to the arguments and/or assertions abstinence-adherents like myself make (and it would do you well to get your facts straight before logging on [see ‘A’ above])

Have a great weekend.

With that, I am…


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