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Wes Widner

Excellent observation Peter! It's sad that the number one tactic Calvinists like to employ is the "you just don't understand".

William Birch

E X C E L L E N T !

peter lumpkins

Appreciate it guys...
With that, I am...

darryl brunson

Thanks Peter for being a strong, conservative, reasonable, non-Calvinist voice. I am so tired of feeling like I am being talked down to by my Reformed Brothers. Also, I wonder if you know of any resources that would be from a non-Calvinist, speaking to not being an Arminian. Again, thank you.

peter lumpkins


Thanks for logging on, and I am glad something I write here assists you in some small way. Furthermore, I sympathize with your chastisement for being of the “unapologetically unconvinced Reformed” category. Unfortunately there is no hope the stripes will soon lessen.  I think it is going to get worse before it gets better. But that’s just me…

One place you might begin is a brief paper only recently published by several Southern Baptist scholars arguing they are neither Calvinist nor Arminian but simply Baptists.

Also, Malcolm Yarnell's book "The Formation of Christian Doctrine" looks at our theological heritage from a decidedly non-Calvinist perspective. Do not be fooled by the size of the book, I warn. I think it is only a couple hundred pages but it demands your attention if for no other reason than Yarnell dealing with historical figures you've undoubtedly never considered. I had to actually learn some history—and at my age, that’s a pretty tall order!

Hope you’ll consider these two.  I have a few more I can pitch your way.  Just drop me a line when you're ready...

Grace brother.
With that, I am...




I don't understand the quotation marks around the claim the SWBTS is the "denomination's flagship Arminian seminary." If he means that SWBTS is Arminian, then not only would Dr. Patterson vehemently disagree, but I believe many of the Calvinist professors would also.

First Mohler with the claim that reformed thought is the best logical system for holding to inerrancy, now a more confused statement from Anyabwile thinking that SWBTS is Arminian. People say Calvinists are mischaracterized, I would like to see some of those same people speak against the mischaracterizations of non-Calvinists, Dr. Patterson, and SWBTS that have been displayed by Mohler and Anyabwile.

A. Price

Thanks Peter for all the books, and material you've been providing, or pointing to, on your 'blog post'. We were 'beat to death with, we're, "wicked, vile sinners'!( I GET that!). But, do we need to hear it WEEK after WEEk, without any 'balance'?
Our 'young' Calvinvist/Reformed pastor resigned two weeks ago, ( a trumatic situation for all involved). Some DID NOT KNOW that's what he was, until about a year into his ministry. Most STILL do not know; only that 'something' was wrong!( and I was on the Pulpit Comm. that 'called' him!) I went looking for some info, which you and, others, have provided. Even though I asked him,( the pastor), about it privtely, he didn't even BOTHER to deny it!! AND, at that point, I was labeled an 'divisve', coming against his athority! So, when you say it's going to get worse, I'm in full agreement!! But, what can be done about it? Mean time, our church is in need of 'group therepy'!! P.S. I have NOTHING against these YOUNGER ones coming into the ministry,(my husband and I, were once young in the ministry!)But,Please, be a little kinder/loving at least!

Barry King

Non-Calvinism does not necessarily equal Arminianism. Greater care is needed in thought and speech, particularly mine.

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