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Darby Livingston


Good review. I think I'll read it. One question on this premise: "At an alarming rate—at least from my perspective—one may see the flaming desire to be culturally relevant, to be “hip,” “trendy,” and “in.”

Do you think it's possible that many pre-gen-x (though I hate generational labels, I'll use one for simplicity) Christians were at one time "hip, trendy and in" back in their prime? They just haven't kept up with cultural changes. IOW, the culture has changed, but they haven't. And now they are somehow thinking that their "traditional" attire and attitudes are a measure of their godliness, when in reality, they're just behind the times. I doubt they were much different from their culture twenty or thirty years ago.

Admit it, Peter. You wore bell-bottoms and big collars at one time.

Malcolm Yarnell

Very interesting. Thank you.

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