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Your point is hilarious and well taken, but the facts are very clear. Southern Baptists have a President whose tithe contributes 1% through the Cooperative Program and a NAMB Presidential Nominee whose tithe contributes 2% through the Cooperative Program. To their credit, their churches are very generous with their designated missions giving, but for all those who say the CP has become a sacred cow, enjoy your burger! It's clearly not one anymore.

peter lumpkins


Point well taken, brother. For a report (GCRTF) to repeatedly and explicitly state, the CP will be the primary means of "doing missions" together, we are seeing lots of evidence that such was sort of "PR" bloat to silence critics.

With that, I am...


Oh man, do I have a headache! Point well made, Peter.


POINT-WELL-MADE, Peter as usual. However, couldn't you have told me this story in your elegant words that would NOT have consumed 3:53 minutes of my valuable time?

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