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Ugh! That shade of pink just is not the color for Dr. Moore. lol



You are correct. Just having a funny moment. Have a great weekend.

With that, I am...


Oh, but, Peter...surely, Moore and Mohler aren't included in Ezell's verbal scourge. It's just folks like thee. Love those housecoats! selahV


This is the way to be introduced to the SBC at large? Making disparaging remarks to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? 'Blogging' is simply another way to make a phone call...but reach more people.
Seems like his 'blast' at fellow SBC'ers is limited to those who have questions about his committment to the SBC and NAMB. If he's consistent, he'll surround himself with 'Yes' men and put on the "Maintenance and Grass Cutting Committee" any trustee that dares ask the wrong question or hold him accountable.
The SBC will be watching and vote with their feet and $$$$$.


Kevin Ezell is a unifier. Who else could get you and Wade saying the same thing?

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