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...again, James White's religion is debate, and his "god" is himself.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Expecting sane behavior from an insane man is insanity.

peter lumpkins

Just a heads-up. I have moderation turned on presently. So if your comment does not how up immediately, you'll know why. And, if it doesn't show at all, well, what can I say? :^)

Have a great day...
With that, I am...


Heh, that video was almost as disturbing as White's odd obsession with being the king of everything, unaccredited as his PH D may be.

Ron Phillips, Sr.


Kind of reminds me of the following quote:

"Come, Ahab’s compliments to ye; come and see if ye can swerve me. Swerve me? ye cannot swerve me, else ye swerve yourselves! man has ye there. Swerve me? The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run. Over unsounded gorges, through the rifled hearts of mountains, under torrents’ beds, unerringly I rush! Naught’s an obstacle, naught’s an angle to the iron way!"
- Moby Dick, Herman Melville

I never thought I would see someone surpass the obsession that some have towards Paige Patterson, but I was wrong. Never thought we would see a worse President than Jimmy Carter. Wrong on that count too.

White's fatuous missives make Captain Ahab look like a weekend fisherman.


Ron P.

Craig Daliessio

Peter...this is classic! Thanks for the chuckle

Jon McManus

Having read your comments on Ergun Caner and James White over the last several months I have come to the conclusion that you have no use for the truth.

peter lumpkins

Thanks all. Especially, Jon!

With that, I am...

P.S. Let's keep it clean, guys. Just havin' a little fun...

James Coats

I'd have to agree with Jon. Have fun yes, ignore the truth, no.


The mockery is unbecoming, even if you think Dr White is out of his depth...



Just when I think you have reached your lowest, you plunge even deeper. But I might say you are a perfect example of follower of Ergun Caner. You both have about the same level of integrity.


peter lumpkins


I trust your evening well.
With that, I am...

A.M. Mallett

It is fairly clear that the evangelical world doesn't hold the Sunday School teacher from the small church in Arizona to the same level of esteem as he holds himself. Liberty University pretty much ignored him. Dr. Caner certainly pays him no mind. Dr. Geisler doesn't even know he exists anymore. Only his sycophant following consider his diploma mill doctorate as an accomplishment. Even his old Islamic bedfellows have turned on him. He takes pretty pictures on his bike rides though.

peter lumpkins


No more comments ridiculously confusing this video as representing "my defense" of Dr. Ergun Caner will be posted. Please. I am way past dealing with that issue. The single point of the video is, some people are not--James White *is not*

Now, if any one cares to dispute that point, please log on and have at it. All others with opinions about me will be ignored.

Indeed to read the sad displays of so many people plagued by apparent inability to comprehend the thesis I explicitly stated in the text of this OP--not to mention the obvious satire I employed--remains overwhelming.

Glad I used moderation on this one. Warped crazies show up in packs if a certain person is ever mentioned anywhere.

With that, I am...

D.R. Randle


So I am guessing that is Tom Ascol in the video. What exactly does he have to do with James R. White's recent video?

Additionally, in light of your recent comments about Kevin Ezell's disdain for bloggers, what do you think about Caner's statement about bloggers being "frustrated people in their basements?"

peter lumpkins


Thanks. Both questions are fair. Concerning T. Ascol being in the video, it was purely occasional; that is, the "professor" needed at least one "student" for his lectures. TA was a good fit from perspective. Though you didn't ask (someone else did), "TurrentinFan's" presence goes without saying...

As for Caner's comment on bloggers I have little knowledge. I accept your rendering of his statement. My own perspective is, anyone (whether Caner or Ezell or ?) hurling broad-brush insults at bloggers just because they are bloggers is neither wise nor reasonable.

On the other hand, Ezell's and Caner's apparent reasoning for their statements are quite contrary. While Caner's statement about bloggers surely reflects months of character assassination *from his standpoint*, no such circumstances surrounded Ezell. No one ever--*ever*--questioned Ezell's integrity. Questions were raised about missions methodology. Instead he attempted to make it a character issue.

Hope that helps.

With that, I am...

Yahya Snow

Hello Peter

You mentioned White having had "Islamic bedfellows", I am very interested in knowing who these people were. If you recall please let me know.

Here is my response on this post mocking James White:


I can't say I fully agree with this post.


Yahya Snow


I want to clarify my post is not mocking James White but defends James against Peter's mockery.

Sorry, I did not make that clear...I hope nobody got the wrong impression...it is late here in the UK


peter lumpkins


Thanks for the clarification. I think though you were clear.

I read your post. And I think you've made some excellent points. I did offer a response at your site on a couple of things you mentioned.

Thanks again.
With that, I am...

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