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Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

Great insight and wonderful perspective. I am not a betting man, but if I were I would bet a $100 bill to a doughnut hole that Brother Will Hall ran back to articles that were pro GCRTF. If one cares to search the data one will find these pro articles were just before the convention.


Jim Champion

Im no fan of the Ledbetters, I have met them a time or two and have friends who attend church with them - however from my reading of the SB Texan, Gary and the SBTC of Texas were big supporters of the GRCF - many articles in that paper in favor of - and I dont recall a single article against


I was at the EXEC COMM-SBC sub-comm meeting(9-20) and heard all the 'evidence' the 'King-Ledbetter-Smith' clan put together. FACT IS, there wasn't any. In fact, none of the K-L-S clan showed up to testify. Don Hinkle, editor of The Pathway did a great job of putting it in perspective. It was sad that 'so-called' journalists would ambush SBC messengers in Orlando like that with their own personal agenda. The matter was discussed in open session and the sub-comm agreed unanimously not to form a separate Board and that the K-L-S clan may have confused "articles" and "editorials" in state wide papers. There is a difference! BP has done an impeccable job in these last 5 yrs as to content and fairness.

peter lumpkins


Thanks for your contribution. It's important to have testimony from eye-witnesses.

With that, I am...

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