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Marvin Merriweather

One has to wonder if there a theological tie to exhaustive determinism in this particular area of research. Fascinating piece, Mr. Lumpkins.


SelahV Today by Hariette Petersen

Peter, well, the first people they ought to study is the Congress, the judges, the CEO's, and candidates for any public office. That could alleviate a bunch of problems right out of the gate.

Most fictional stories such as those like Minority Report are based on an element of truth. Remember when they first showed people being able to talk back and forth on video phones? It seemed so amazing to think we could see one another as we talked. Now we have it. I figure the government will use this system someday to determine every move people make. Of course, I am grateful I'll be in Heaven by the time it all becomes effective.

That said, could one really think one could ever determine another's desire to become a Christian by studying minds? Wouldn't we need to dissect the heart as well? selahV

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