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Malcolm Yarnell

Thank you, Peter, for sharing such a moving testimony with us. I mourn with you over these more recent events.

Craig Daliessio

That was amazing writing dear friend. Two things...one I would be HONORED to send you a copy of my new book. It's not really a baseball book but the story has baseball in it's veins...I think you'd enjoy it.
Two: I have you email and I would like to forward my testimony as well. If you see fit to post it, please do so. I didn't want to do that without your permission but I post here regularly, and as you pointed out, I too and unregenerate. I'd love to recount when my unregeneration never happened so that I was never saved. (I love word play)
Thanks for sharing this.

Mike Bergman

Matthew 7:16 You will recognize them by their fruits...

I guess what I find one of the most disturbing things about blogs and the internet is that we think we know someone's heart, motives, and lives by small clips, quips, and quotes we see here or there usually compiled by someone else.

Fact of the matter is we only see hints. Their fruit is best seen only by those who have constant, regular interactions.

If someone I know personally is easily angered, lies, parties all the time, etc. then shows up in church on Sundays I probably have good reason to say to them, "I'm worried about your soul, you need to repent and get right with Jesus." If I see a 5-minute clip of someone angry, lying, or partying, I might be able to say, "This is a sin!" but I don't see enough of their life to know if it out of the ordinary, a slip up/struggle, or something constant.

For us to be brash enough to call someone (who we really don't know) unregenerate over the internet is absurd. And in fact, I would venture to say, unbiblical.

Yes in the context of a person's sin/soul Paul said, rhetorically: "Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?" (1 Cor 5:12)...but his point was he spoke to a local church about those inside its own body...that's where the ideas of discipline, confronting sin, and repentance are really meant to be lived. It's sad that some people try to turn it into a ministry of a body of bloggers and tweeters.

marty madison

May the LORD bless you, Peter. My wife, Kathy and I were married in 1970, in Chester Va. We moved to Lynchburg in 1975, 3 months after I was saved, to prepare for ministry, so I thought. It turned out, I was preparing for life. I too had an alcoholic father who left us when I was 5. I just needed to know how to live. Kathy, our two children and I ended up in Old Hickory, Tennessee, probably 5 miles from Neelys Bend. I'm not much of a conversationalist, but I listen well and am pretty good at seeing a mans character. You're a Godly man, and if you and your family are ever back in the Nashville area, look us up. I would love to meet you. Marty 1602 Hadley Ave. Old Hickory, Tennessee 37138

John Fariss

Peter, thank you for sharring your testimony. Although you and I have often disagreed, and at times your rhetoric has angered me, I have attempted to maintain that our disagreements were over our respective positions and not a matter of character, much less of salvation. Although I cannot effectively apologize for what others have said, I regret that the rhetoric against you has sunk to that level. Please be aware--and I am sure that you already are--that not everyone who has disagreed with your position or your conclusions about Dr. Caner has questioned your integrity or your relationship to Jesus Christ.

John Fariss


Dr. Yarnell,

Thank you brother. I appreciate your friendship and scholarship...


thanks. I'd love to have your book! And, I'll check my email...


I think you are correct. It's one thing to discern written ideas from an unmet person and quite another to get into the life and heart of an unmet person. Well said...


Thank you my friend for the encouragement. Well, Kathy, me, and our son were living in Old Hickory at the time. The VBS our son attended was at Temple Baptist. We lived at 108 28th Street, the very first house we ever bought, a little white-frame cottage right off Old Hickory Blvd. directly behind the big liquor store. At the time, I was an 18 wheeler trucker with Thrurston Motor Lines and then Gateway.

Wow! Brings back memories...

With that, I am...


Brother Pete, blessings to you and what a wonderful testimony. I can attest that Peter is either crazy or born again and faithful because I personally witnessed part of it.

I'm still pondering the "debates" as I make re-entry into church and denominational life, my thoughts on Mike's post cause my mind to drift to a proverb that my wife pointed out to me and is fitting for internet bloggers; Proverbs 10:19 "In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise."

Since I have trouble keeping my mouth shut; and I've been over taught the secular "get it off your chest" I try to remind myself of this proverb regularly.



even in the days of blogs, emails, facebook etc...I believe God still expects us a Christian brothers/sisters to walk out His Word with one another. I am quite bothered when a brother chooses to air laundry in public before having ever walked out Matthew 18. If any Christian had any issues with Dr. Caner over anything, Scripture directs them FIRST to go to that brother ALONE and bring the matter to him. If that doesn't resolve the issue, then take another brother back and go see him again. We are to love our brothers enough to do all we can to restore them in LOVE. I for one, am just sick and tired of "brothers" behaving contrary to Scripture in these matters. It is time for the churches of these brothers to hold them accountable when they choose to walk their own pathway and try to reign someone in or acuse them of sin publicly. If James White had an issue with Dr. Caner, did he walk out Matthew 18 with him or any other Scripture that commands us to confront our brother privately, in love and with the objective of restoring him? If he didn't, who is holding him accountable for this????



Thank you. And, know I both acknowledge and agree with you fully. Of all the heated exchanges I've had with Marty Duren, Ben Cole, Wade Burleson, Dave Miller, David Rogers, and, to a lessor extent, you, John, I've never once got the impression any of them questioned my salvation experience with the Lord Jesus nor did I remotely question theirs. There is such a thing as a sanctified idiot, a role most of us have played a time or two in our lives (some more than others :^)

Hence, to even mention a person's salvation when disagreeing over either denominational squabbles or what constitutes genuine evidence and not specifically about how a person is saved is prima facie absurd and should awaken us to a much deeper problem at bay.

Thanks, John.

With that, I am...


Peter, the joy of reading your testimony here is only surpassed in hearing it when we first met in Seminary Village in Louisville. And then, seeing it lived out in the Farmdale Baptist church where we all attended while in Louisville. I will forever count precious the many, many hours of prayer and fellowship you and your dear Kathy and family shared with our family. Your love for her and your children and family will always remain clear examples of a man of God.

I will remember always the many who were saved under your evangelistic sermons at our churches throughout our ministry in Kentucky. And especially your brother's salvation in our first church in Raymond.

It's not easy to sit and read where people have bashed your testimony and faith in Christ when they do not know you. That is partly why I have remained rather silent in these last few months here. Some people can be so cruel. I figure that the majority who've posted here would not hear my words and take them to heart anyway. After all, I am Peter's friend. What would I know? Who am I to illumine anyone on what kind of person you are or have been in your life?

I am so grateful you shared your testimony here today. I pray it is received with the discernment of God upon all those who read it. And I pray it brings others to seek a relationship with our Savior. selahV

cb scott


I have often wondered what your real problem was. I always knew something was wrong with you. I just could not weed it out. I want to thank you for making it so evident to me in this post.

Your complete failure in this life and the negative existence you will suffer in the one to come all stems from one thing. Your life story reveals you did time at SBTS. Peter, you pathetic wretch. All of this could have been avoided had you taken the narrow road to SEBTS. What a shame.


proud to call you brother!!

Craig Daliessio

I posted it on my blog. You know the address and if you decide to link it feel free. I'll leave it up to you. It became lengthy and I thought it too much for someone elses blog. I definitely have led that "skidding in sideways and saying "what a ride!" life.

Jesus Saves!
Gretzky Scores off the rebound...



What a wonderful testimony of God's grace and mercy. Thank you for sharing it with us.

As I was reading through your testimony and the comments here, I realized what a BLESSING God has given us!! Yes -- a blessing -- even in your joining the ranks of those who have been proclaimed to be unregenerate.

Why do I say this? God HAS EXPOSED these individuals to more than just many of us in Paltalk. And, not only exposing the fruit of these individuals, but the fruit of what they believe!! I have seen over and over again that when people go to the extremes in their theology, the fruit gets nasty and arrogant. There is no Christian love. I really don't think they even know 1 John exists!! Or maybe they just never read it.

This much I know -- and, I am sure you know as well, Peter -- the ONLY One who matters in terms of who I am is Jesus!! My relationship with Him as my Lord and Savior is what really matters. I actually do not care one bit what these extremists think of me or what they say about me, and I know for a fact some of them have talked negatively about me. For example, I have known online one of the two people you posted for a long time, first in MSN Chat then in Paltalk.

Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

Oh my! I come over here to read an expose of your conversion to Christ and I find that I have been maligned as an unregenerate along with you. I guess we need to inform Brothers Worley, Kenney, and Gordon that they are promoting unregenerate doctrine over at SBC Today by having me on board. Oh my!

As you are fond of saying, I am not worried one West Georgia gnat's breath over this thing. 2 Timothy 1:12 is my life's verse. Oh, and I am so grateful that I chose God when God Spirit drew me to Him. :)


Ron Hale

I celebrate the joy of God's Salvation that made you a new man in Christ. We got saved the same year! God is good!

While I was blessed my your testimony, I can see that the wine & cheese theologs may not like your testimony of salvation AND deliverance from alcohol, plus your book on the subject.

Blessings from a W.TN boy.

Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

One other thing. You used to drive for Thurston Motor Lines, and then Gateway?

How did you get up in that truck as short as you are? Did you use http://www.amazon.com/Polder-90401-91H-2-Step-Mini-Stool/dp/B0013G6IZQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=furniture&qid=1278706680&sr=1-3>this? Or was it more like http://media.photobucket.com/image/big%20trucks/ansan75/Image14.jpg?o=137>this for you?



You make me remember very good things in which God has graced me...


I shall stick my finger in your coffee when we sip again...


And, I you, a sister...


I agree. Those who despise God's grace in another's life will one day regret their folly...


I recall our Lord working in our lives differently but just as authentically...


I hope we meet some day...


You, sir, are a ... are a...friend. Be careful though. It sounds as if I'm 'rubbin off' on some...

Grace all.

With that, I am...



Great testimony. Thanks, it blessed me. It's really sad to see what's going on in some blogs. Really sad.


Les Puryear


The vitriol that is coming from the reformed camp is inexcusable, unchristian, unbiblical, and downright mean. To question someone's salvation is to claim to know the heart of the person and the mind of God. The hubris this takes is beyond belief.

Let me give you a scripture that I pray will encourage you:

"So they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name." Acts 5:41

Rejoice that you were counted worthy to suffer for His name, my friend.



"How did you get up in that truck as short as you are?"

Dis information shed much light on comments Peter make here. I believe you call it short man syndrome or Napolean complex.

Nice picture. Very green there.

Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

Tonight I took my bride out to Cracker Barrel for supper and enjoyed the time with her along with the conversation. As we queried each other on our activities of the day, I expressed to her what I saw on your blog and the comments I made. She laughed at the short jokes I gave you but then stated something I felt was very insightful.

She asked the question; "What kind of evangelism is that?" I did not know what she was speaking about but then she began to explain. If those who are calling you and I unregenerate truly were concerned about our standing in Christ, then they should be addressing this in a different way. Should they not be expressing their concern for us through "grace filled" words expressing their desire that we turn from our ungodly ways and turning toward Christ? Should they go after those they believe are unregenerate in such harsh vitriolic ways? Unless, that is the evangelism of hyper-Calvinist that believe God glories in himself sending people to Hell.


A.M. Mallett

The phrase “baptized infidels” strikes an interesting cord with me. I have an anonymous "Tom" posting on my blog who seems to love that phrase. The anonymous fellow wrote ...

...No, Mallett, it is time for baptised infidels such as yourself, Ergun Canner, Norman Geisler, and the rest of your bunch to fall on your faces in total repentance before the Sovereign Lord God for your rejection of God's Word, your idolatry of the Satanic lie of man's supposed "free will", your blasphemous contempt for the True Gospel of God's saving grace, your degradation of the Christian ministry, your loathing of Biblical standards of honesty and integrity, and your unending hatred of true Christians who are faithful to the Word of God. We know false professors by their fruit, and the stench of yours descends to the uttermost depths of hell. On that day when you must give account of yourself before the Throne of God, He shall say to those of your ilk, 'Begone!!! I never knew you!"...

I wonder if TF is running around as a sockpuppet.


AM Mallet your new BFF reminds me of Keith Olbermann - I watch Keith and I think "this isn't real - this guy must be doing a parody of what a left wingnut sounds like - like an SNL skit.". Then you realize he's totally serious and really believes what he's saying as do all eight of his viewers.

Peter, thank you for sharing your testimony. I've been racking my brain trying to think of something really encouraging and kind to say, but others have done better than I could. It' s just impossible for anyone to claim "I'm defending the Gospel" and cross the lines that have been crossed.

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