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Jul 06, 2010


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A.M. Mallett

Dr. Geisler has a point although I use both my real name, A.M. Mallett and a handle name in other places, travelah. The latter is not meant to be anonymous. Instead, I have used an alpha or numeric equivalent of that handle since the BITNET days in the very early 1980s. It is hard to give up.

Craig Daliessio

In this calm...before the bullets fly...
They'll be coming Peter...sure as the sun will rise they'll be coming. I don't know if I'll survive the next round. But if I don't...you sir, are a brave man. And I have been honored to defend this hill with you!
Drums...I hear...Drums! They're coming Peter!


What a link! Thanks again, Peter, for telling us about this. I'm with Craig; they are coming. They never miss a beat to attack in a viscious and mean fashion.

Get ready.


Brian Hutchinson

This is getting to be like a Roman gladiator event ... and this is what the body of Christ looks like to the world? God help us!

If I had heard about the Caner situation but didn't know many details, I might be inclined to take stock in Dr. Geisler's defense of him given his reputation. But anyone that has taken the time to listen to Caner's messages and hear some of these claims "in context" knows better.

If Dr. Geisler's explanations are true and this really isn't such a big deal, then why have Focus On The Family take down the "From Jihad to Jesus" message that they recently rebroadcast? Why not host that message on Dr. Geisler's site or here?



Kyle in WI

It seems to me Peter that James is your drug. You cant get enough of him. I would even say you are addict to White. You are as biased as MSNBC. It would be funny if where weren't all christians.

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