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Les Puryear


No, you have not misunderstand my series of articles. You are exactly right.


Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

Let me get this straight. Dr. Finn, in his article, argues that there are churches in the SBC that are dually aligned with the ARBCA and from this dual alignment he constitutes that as a movement? When I read his article I presumed, from the way his article read, that we had a significant number of SBC churches dually aligned with that association.

So, it seems if Dr. Finn's article gains traction it will be from the naive, like me, that presume his numbers are significant.


peter lumpkins


If my count is correct concerning 60-70 churches *total* affiliated with the ARBCA, yes, it is, at minimum, curious why Dr. Finn cites "some" Southern Baptist churches being "dually aligned" with the ARBCA as noteworthy. After all, how many of the 60-70 ARBCA churches would be "dually aligned"? Two dozen? (one-third of the ARBCA churches) A dozen? A half dozen? How is such a minuscule number significant?

Incidentally, surely there are substantially more churches than that which are "dually aligned" with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Should this not be substantially more significant to SBC identity than the much lessor number of those "dually aligned" with the "ARBCA"?

With that, I am...

peter lumpkins


Thanks for affirming my reading of your position is correct. Sometimes my self-esteem has a meltdown in the face of so many charges of "Why don't you learn to read?" :^)


With that, I am...

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