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Chris Roberts

I must be missing something. Whether we report CP giving or general SBC giving, we are still talking about ourselves, so wouldn't the words at the end of the video potentially apply in either situation? How does this video address a problem with the revised reporting method in the GCR recommendation that is not also present in existing reporting methods?


The "mega boys" want 'cover' for the pitiful giving to the CP they do...and they want you to join them in Great Commission giving...since they're thin-skinned and can't take the criticism. Q- Now just how does the GCR increase CP giving?
A- It doesn't.
It's a smoke-screen and it's time for a SBC Biblical 'tea party'.

Ron Hale

I served almost 25 years in pioneer areas of the SBC -- I don't think this change will add more mission dollars for North American Missions or International Missions.

At the local church level ... designated monies do not pay the bills (lights, programs, salaries, etc.) These designated monies called: Great Commission Giving ... will not help New Work State Conventions, Associations, and Church Plants with their basic needs and local strategy.

So far ... the SBC has been like the Bumble Bee ... it can fly and no one can explain "why?".

Great Commission Giving ... is all the buzz ... but it's going to clip our feeble wings.

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