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Pastor Troy in Florida

Who is Matt Svoboda and why does his opinion in all of this matter?

All these bloggers think they are due an explanation. Give me a break and get over yourselves.

This ain't nothin' more than a witch hunt by a Muslim who HATES Christianity (like most of their faith do) and kooky extreme Calvinists who border on cult-like behavior who want to silence Ergun.

Call it what you will, but as the late, great W.A. Criswell said, "A skunk by any other name still stinks."

Diana Penn

EXCELLENT post Peter. Well done. It is absolutely heartbreaking the "if-I'm-right" comments, and the sanctimonious piety that some are airing over this issue. My word, the man's family is hurting! What cruel beast gloats over destroying a Christian brother and his family?!!

I am not nearly as articulate, but I certainly see the ridiculous self-righteous, toddler tantrums being thrown by grown men!! (as I said...or attempted - in my blog... http://dianaruth.wordpress.com/)

Anyway - loved your post. Prayers to the Caner family.

In Christ,
Diana Penn (twitter: drpenn)

Darby Livingston

"Again, Matt, your words are the words of a person disconnected with this issue. You see it as an idea, a theory, a debate, an argument to be won or lost. It is not. We’re exchanging about people’s lives, a man’s ministry, a family, a school’s reputation, a minister’s integrity."

All of that is certainly true Peter. I just wish you'd see it as equally true when you post articles about James White or Tom Ascol. Perhaps there's blind spots in our of our intellects.


Peter, my heart breaks for this entire situation. May God heal the pain Mrs. Caner feels right now. May His Spirit move in a dynamic way and give her peace and comfort. May God's angels of protection surround them all and shield Dr. Caner's son from the unconscionable assault from an adult who seeks to spread evil into a young impressionable mind and heart. The stones that have been picked up and hurled in the direction of the Caner's have unlodged boulders few could have imagined. May the Lord bring glory from the mess man has created for whatever reasons provoked their first grasp of the stones. Life is so very precious. Every moment is such a gift. To use our moments to carelessly exploit others and and batter fellow Christians is such a misuse of what our Lord instructed us to do while He lived upon this earth and ascended to the throne of grace.

I, too, am tired. I long to see our swords turned into plow-shares, tilling the soil for seeds to be sown in love, in charity, in gentleness, in kindness, self-control, generosity, peace and forgiveness.

Lord, please cleanse the hearts of your servants. Give us hearts filled with compassion rather than strife. Give us eyes to see others as You see them Lord. Let us be ever-mindful that You are Who is at work in each of our hearts to bring about Your completeness. Philippians 1:6. selahV

Joe Blackmon

Ok, this may well be off topic, and if it is I apologize in advance. The only real question I have as to what Ergun has said is the allegation that he came to live in America before he was 5 but he supposedly claims he came here in his teens. Has that issue been addressed/answered somewhere? If so, could someone point me to a link. If not, well, perhaps it will be. I'd just be curious to read the explanation if one has been provided for myself.

Robin Foster


This recent drama reminds me of the highly revered reformers who covenanted with satan as they persecuted the Anabaptists. I wonder if we were in the 1500's maybe some of the present day bloggers could possibly have been those in waiting to operate the racks or light the fagots and pepper the beards with gun powder of those whom the reformers burned at the stake. My heart is deeply grieved at the extremes taken to discredit leaders and potential leaders in our convention. Ergun has apologized and repented. I pray for him, his wife, and his children as they have been brought into this mess by those partnering with satan.

Robert I Masters

I tried to post this before but count me as one Calvinist who agrees with you.
My objection to those who are against Ergun Caner is the use of Muslims to make their point. Whats new Muslims HATE Christianity.

Robert I Masters
from the Southern Baptist Geneva



While I view you as just another partisan in the Baptist culture war, I have to give you your due. This post was an excellent view into how you arrived at the conclusions that you have shared in your prior postings on the Caner debacle.

Full disclaimer: I have no dog in this hunt. Not a Calvinist/non-Calvinist and currently not SBC.

It is unfortunate that brothers in Christ treat one another as abstract ideas to be debated as opposed to flesh an blood. Bro. Caner is on the receiving end of this for this season. Someone from the "other" side will receive it next week, maybe not in the form of a blog post, but perhaps in the form of a phone call or a letter.

Of course this all can be explained away as honest, plain speaking with a goal of contending for the truth...but it really isn't.

Well, before I let my own pride take over my fingers, let me just say that your post did change my "direction" toward Bro. Caner. I'm not a "fan" of his, but I will honestly pray that the resolution to this issue comes quickly and that our Father will work this specifically to the Caner family's good.


Thank you for the excellent post. What is particularly distressing for me in all of this, is that as a Southern Baptist who has been watching our denomination for the past 35 years or so--I realize that Ergun Caner is a Southern Baptist treasure.

There is simply no other apologist left in the SBC who has his passion for teaching about Islam. Who will replace Ergun Caner when the Muslims and the Calvinists, and yeah, even those who helped build him up--destroy him and his family? Not only is he one of the most sought after apologists in the country, he is inspired, humble and obviously one of God's chosen. Why else would Satan be out to destroy him?

If our denomination and its leaders let a handful of bloggers, led by "Mohammad Khan," who could be a person, a front for an organization, or a concept--destroy this man--I will be ashamed, discouraged and most likely lose trust myself that good men are willing to stand up for each other.

Liberty needs to get some guts and so do the publishers of each of his books and so do each of the endorsers of every one of his books, as well as each and every person who has ever co-authored a book with him. IS this how leaders and preachers let their colleagues hang in the wind? If they don't speak up for him now, what good are THEIR words?

Thank you, Peter, for fighting the good fight.

Jerry Corbaley

I do not know Brother Caner.

The gossip about him does not make “his life” into “our business”.

Gossip initiates Biblical slander, and both are devilish forms of “transparency” and “accountability”.

I would ask those who conclude they must write about others, to become familiar with what God says about gossip and Biblical slander.

My compassion to the point of agony goes out to everyone who has been abused by the extremists on both sides of the Conservative Resurgence, as well as the extremists on both sides of current SBC issues.

Peter, I understand your reluctance to write this post. My prayer is that perhaps you and Matt can get together some time face to face.


Good post Peter! You explained each point in depth. What I don't get is what is it that made the folks attacking Ergun so mad they needed to do all this! Is he preaching another gospel? No. How much free time do these folks have, that they actually believe muslim haters of Christianity, and then go ripping into this man's childhood!

Day in and out, they slander him, affecting his family, affecting his job, his witness, and for what?! Do they despise him this much to ruin him over childhood info that may or may not be all there is out there?! It's not like they are contending for the faith against someone lying about Christ! That we are called to do. This, this mess of ripping this man to shreds over stuff we don't fully have all the details of, is outrageous! Ergun and his family are owed an apology over how Christians and ministers of the gospel have handled this in the public domain no less.

I hurt for him and his family. The arrogancy of assuming to be so right on things that haven't been delved into completely is overwhelming!


Have you seen Matt's latest post, Peter?


Tom Parker


Seems like you are having a hard time getting people to respond to this blog that support you. Wonder why?



Since the other comments you logged here just dissed Caner, they are lying in cyberspace.  And while your present comment illustrates perfectly the summum bonum of the average contribution offered here—i.e., either log a personal complaint about or hurl an insult toward me or another human being you apparently despise—it indirectly raises a point to which I’ll be glad to respond.

You wonder why I am “having a hard time getting people to respond to this blog that support [me].” Admittedly, your question is vague (are you referring to comments, links to this OP, etc.).  Yet I want to categorically state that if there existed not one, single person in my sphere of influence who shared my take on this present issue, nothing substantial I’ve written on this issue, thus far, would significantly change. Oh, I might reword some things, etc.  But I’m talking about the principled propositions I’ve maintained.

The fact is, we see far too much of what philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche referenced as the “herd mentality,” a silly “me-too” attitude.  I learned long ago a biblical man (or woman) is a principled man. It is good to stand together.  Inevitably, we will be called upon to stand alone.

Now, though I have terrifying experience in standing alone—all alone on a particular issue--I haven’t thought for a moment I’ve been standing alone on this issue, but you apparently are implying such, Tom.  Assuming you are correct, I have but one response:  So what?

If I am faithful to my beliefs, my convictions, and my Lord, what more should I do?  Indeed what more would I covet for the rest of my days than, under God, to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God?

Now that I’ve answered your question, Tom, we’re back to square one:  log an complaint or hurl a personal insult rather than post a viable idea or contribution, and your comment will lie with the dozens of others in the wastebasket.

I wish peace upon you this day.

With that, I am…



Indeed, you are not alone Peter, although I suspected before you said it, it would not be uncomfortable for you to do so. Often good men are called out to do just that. I am with you, obviously, as I am also with Ergun Caner and his family. Though I don't feel the need to justify a posting with "if" this and "if" that -- suffice it to say, I believe 100 percent in Ergun Caner's character. I thought my post at least implied that. And I think others' imply that as well.

I remain,


Robert Fisher

White has raised interesting questions, but he has repeatedly made "deductions" based on what he has found that border on slander.

He always makes a big deal about being accountable to the elders in a local church (sometimes even asking people what church they belong to so he can inform their elders).

Perhaps it is time White's elders at prbc.org be informed of his doings of late so that he can be held accountable as to whether his extrapolations based on the audio snippets he has heard are warranted, or count as slander.



You made my late evening. I am still laughing. Not at you, of course. Nor at your comment. In fact, I cannot say I disagree at all.

Check out my latest post to understand why.

Grace, brother.
With that, I am...

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