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I really have no beef with Caner but all the stuff that has come out looks really bad. You may not like the people who have went after him or their motives but I was wondering if you are still sticking up for him. He needs to repent and get this mess over with. It is embarrassing to the faith and to Liberty until he comes clean.

Malcolm Yarnell

You are a gracious man, Brother Lumpkins, gracious indeed.

Les Puryear

I think I heard that Marty wasn't pastoring anymore. Is that true?



I have no comment on my parenthetical statement. Yet perhaps I will in the future. More cometh on Caner, I'd wager...

Dr. Yarnell,

Your encouragement to me over the past few years is worth all the Marty mentions imaginable. Thank you from my soul...


I think you are correct--Marty is not now pastoring. Nor is Ben Cole a Baptist (officially Roman Catholic from what I gather). And Wade Burleson is now CBF (just kidding...).

Know though: from my perspective, while Marty is not now serving "in ministry" as pastor, it does not follow he is not "in ministry." He may be. I just don't know. Obviously, he keeps up more with me than I with him ;^).

Grace, all.

With that, I am...

Ron Phillips, Sr.


It seems the "irenic" ones (new and old) are still being anything but.

Hope you and your family are doing well.


Ron P.

Tom Parker


I'm not really sure that Ben Cole, Marty Duren, Wade Burleson really care what you think about them.

But if it makes you feel better to say the things you do about these people, then keep up your "good work."



Always good to have you drop by. I trust also your fam is soaking up the blessings of our Lord.

With that, I am...



I'm confident my remark pertaining to the band of blogging trio is fairly well accepted as reasonably accurate throughout Baptist blogdom at that time. On the other hand, presumably since you were not around during the time under question (around at least on the blogs), and since the SBC Outpost is now defunct, I have no interest in pursuing a fruitless conversation about it.

I hope your day is filled with peace.

With that, I am...



As always, Brother, you are very gracious. And, thanks for being a voice of reason in our SBC world.




I do not understand why brother Marty chose to come out of retirement to write such a post about your writings. However, I've been mulling it over and feel as I read this rather scathing list of words supposedly awarded to your "writings", certain thoughts come to mind. With each word on brother Marty's list a particular image appeared--and several people whose writings convey the descriptive adjectives he offers.

To be sure I have attributed those very words to a specific writing of some particular person at times. But to attribute all those words to, not just one of your writings, but "the" entirety, is a bit of a stretch--even for someone as astute and verbose as brother Marty.

His inability to come up with any affirmative "term" with the vast amount of writings you have produced and the volume of charitable adjectives available, lead me to some conclusions:

he has been kicked in the head by a mule, or...
he needs a dictionary, or...
he doesn't mean "all" your writings, just "some" of the writings, or...
he doesn't read much of what you write, or...
he doesn't read very carefully what you write, or...
he has not read your book, Alcohol Today, Abstinence In an Age of Indulgence, or...
he is unfamiliar with your written testimony of faith in Christ, or...
he has never received one of your encouraging emails in the midst of heartache, death, and loss, suicidal feelings, or...
he is feeling lonely in retirement.

It further occurs to me that, perhaps, the purpose for brother Marty's litany of pejorative adjectives was to release some boil of festering venom from a bee sting or spider bite from the past. Perhaps he is simply ill. Let's pray for him.

I have a few more thoughts on this subject and your writing, but think my comment would be entirely too long to post further in this comment stream. I'll just email you . :)

Stay well and take really good care of Kathy.



I'm new to your blog and so I don't know much about you. But WOW. Maybe Marty should quit holding back and tell everyone what he really thinks about you, lol.



May our Lord give you a grace-filled Lord's Day...


I appreciate your encouragement...


I hope in some way the reads here will assist you in knowing--if not grassroots Southern Baptists--then at least a few grassroots Southern Baptists, both the good side and the not so good.

Grace, all.

With that, I am...


Do you mind if I ask what you mean by grassroot Southern Baptists? Forgive my ignorance. I attend a Southern Baptist church not far from where you live (county below you actually).

peter lumpkins


It is not at all ignorant to ask an honest question. I meant by "grassroots" Southern Baptist the mainstream, plain vanilla sort. The SBC is 16 million+- members. With that in mind, only an infinitesimal small amount of them are considered "leaders" in the SBC. All others--including myself--are 'grassroots'.

Hope that helps.

With that, I am...

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