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Matt Svoboda

Good hire, in my opinion!

Tom Parker


You state the following:"Indeed Southern Baptists owe a great deal of gratitude for Dr. Chapman. Having been one of the first appointments of the victorious Conservative Resurgence in the SBC,"

I'm not sure someone can honestly state that the CR was victorius. Seems to me the SBC is in a very fragmented state these days.

cb scott

Tom Parker,

Is there an implication in your comment that Dr. Morris Chapman was not a good and productive leader for the SBC during his tenure?

If so, to what criteria of judgment do you credit your conclusion?


cb scott


A mutual friend in Arlington, TX would like for you to call him at your earliest convenience.


Les Puryear


If this is true, I am very encouraged. Frank Page has been a strong supporter of smaller membership churches.


Wm. Dwight McKissic

Peter and I talked yesterday.


cb scott


Now that you have called yourself by name; Let me say, I am glad to hear you guys have made contact.

I will now turn my attention toward bringing the President of the United States into contact with the people who are "right" about healthcare and get him away from Pelosi, Reed and all the other political Wild Geese he has been listening to this year. :-)



CB...you're so funny. selahV



I closed this thread due to inappropriate comments from one of James White's incorrigible supporters. I kindly requested he not issue complaints on this thread (unrelated to the post) but simply use my email address. Instead he logged once again, beyond all courtesy imaginable.

Now he has a blog post explicitly labeling me a "liar, law-breaker, and a God-hater." I wonder where they learn how to write "rebuttals"? Ummm...

Even so, I am going to rethink commenting on SBC Tomorrow in the future. More frequently, I'm observing that when I allow the blog sit without keeping an eye on it, there appears a few who insists my blog exists for them to dump as much as they like, "you, sir, are a liar" type of comments.

If not that, then they will jump posts and post on the current one a "piece of their mind" from another blog post, sometimes weeks old. Or, they will do as the young man on this post and insist on using my thread in an inappropriate manner. Enough is enough.

Hence, I do not know yet what I am going to do but I am most certainly going to deal with it.

I trust all have a great weekend.

With that, I am...

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