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William Birch

Thank you for this update. I have read only four chapters thus far. I hope to be interacting with the book next week on my blog. Good stuff. Founders beware ; )

The Seeking Disciple

Peter, have you heard of the book, NOT ONE LITTLE CHILD, by Michael Cox. I am currently reading the book. He is a SBC pastor in Oklahoma. The book is a book that is against Calvinism.


I have not but will take a peek. Thanks for the tip, SD

With that, I am...

Scott Morgan


While we disagree on the doctrine nicknamed Calvinism I have found in some areas we agree on. I don't view you as my enemy or would use language like ...Guys like Peter Lumpkins"Beware" like Mr. Birch mentioned about Founders. BTW, has Patterson ever commented on the statement/review he did of John Dagg's Manuel of Theology... He said if Baptists wants to know what early Baptists believed then they will find it in Dagg's book.... I have a copy on my shelf in my office...We clearly know that this early Southern Baptist theologian was a five point Calvinist so , have you or anyone on this blog ever asked Paige about his statement before. No sarcasm but serious.... Either he meant what he said years ago or he has changed. BTW, Patterson told me at a conference recently at North Metro First Baptist that he had no problem with wine in the Lord's Supper .... In your book on alcohol...I have not read it but I thought Patterson believed all alcohol consumption is sinful...Am I right about his view ?

BTW, I do enjoy reading your blog ! I have no desire anymore to fight with my fellow brothers however, we can be passionate about what we believe and do it with gentleness and I notice that you come across strong(Which is good) but with a Christlike spirit. I appreciate that !!

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