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Wow...thanks for the high five, Peter. I by no means want to take away from the four folks who made it to the Final Four. I just thought this might be a way to help Michael's family. AND honor him for blogging he couldn't even participate in as much due to his health battle this year.

I guess it is more up to the final four fellas in the competition to agree. I hope they think it is a great idea, too. selahV

John Daly

Fantastic idea Selah V! If there is even a moment of hesitation on anyone's part then that speaks volumes to me!



God bless you, gal.



Well, guys...I guess it wasn't such a great idea after all. I saw where Matt Svoboda commented today that the $200.00 was simply a book credit. I really understand that. I get credits when I write for Devotional Christian. I always buy Children's books so I can give them away. It is a blessing to write Devotionals. And an equally joyful blessing to give those blessings away.

I just thought this would be a nice thing to do for iMonk. I do not know if he would even be aware of it. I act on emotions too much. ha. Thanks for your support, though. It's heartwarming to know others think it was a nice idea. Now, back to my dungeon of ratta-tat-tat writing, and snap, snap, snapping photos.

Bless you all. selahV

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