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Bart Barber

Well, Peter, it's high time that you wrote about something really important.


Just be careful what you say about cornbread and buttermilk in this thread.


I was just talking about going to a nifty restaurant here in Oklahoma that serves Fried Green Tomatoes. mmmmmmn, mmmm. I shouldn't, but this post sure makes it easier to justify it. :) selahV



Well, may I say for all to benefit: Buttermilk and cornbread hain't ne'er been better!


Go for it girl!

I prefer fired okra myself, along with fried potatoes, fried corn, fried cornbread fritters, a couple of slices of onion, and, of course, swee tee.

With that, I am...

chris Gilliam

got my gums slapping! Put some cracklins in that cornbread. Slap on 1/2 dozn thos 'green maters, pass tem butter beans with that fatback, gimme a fat fried pork chop and Son we can talk theology all day!!


I heared, you Chris. Of course, now that you are not in the REAL south anymore, I suspect all you can do is hope. :^)

Hope you are well, bro.

With that, I am...

David R. Brumbelow

Hard hitting facts and evidence. That's what I like about this site.
David R. Brumbelow

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