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joe white

Case closed...

Baptist Theologue

Peter, thanks for providing this timely information.


Joe & BT

Thanks for dropping by. And, I'm glad the info is useful and hope we can go on to bigger issues more worthy of our energy.

Grace to you both for ministry today.

With that, I am...

Les Puryear

You wrote, "when seminary professors, seminary presidents, GCRTF members, and entity heads publicly call for a name-change, rehearsing the same reasons given for a change since 1959--reasons which have been thoroughly weighed in the balance of judicious reason and found wanting—it cannot be overlooked so easily. In short, they should know better than this."

Good point. Why do they not know the history you have presented? Who are the influencers on these seminary presidents, professors, and denominational leaders? Is it possible they are echoing questions their seminary students have raised and which they have not been able to answer? If so, is this an indication that our seminary leaders are not influencing the students but, rather, the students are influencing the leadership? Is this an indication of a lack of strong leadership in certain seminaries?

Just askin...




You've touched a tragic but very possible true nerve, brother. With you I think the question needs asking. A case can be made, I fully believe, most of our restlessness in the SBC stems from 2 concentrated sources. You're close to one and I'm closer than you to the other (and, with Forrest Gump, "That's all I'm gonna say bout that"--at least now ;^).

Grace. With that, I am...

Ron Osborne

Thankful for your thoughtful, measured response.

Ricky Acred

I have a new name idea... Southern Calvanist Convention... It's predestined to be so, right???



Thanks for stopping by. And, you're very welcome.

Grace for ministry today.

With that, I am...


Peter, knew you'd present a case worth reading and worth explaining to each and every Southern Baptist. For some reason, nothing seems to be understood better than to answer, "Why can't we just change our name?" with a simple phrase: "It isn't in the budget and we would be lousy stewards of God's money to ever consider it."

Thanks for all your research, selahV

Tim Rogers

Brother Peter,

I have a thought on the purpose of the EC report. Help me in my memory of history I found myself a part of. Wasn't it around this period of time that the BSSB changed to Lifeway and the SB-Annuity Board changed to Guidestone? Is that what brought Dr. Graham to the point of seeking a consensus for changing the name of the SBC?

My point is the name change had some level of support of doing so because the air was filled with trying to remove barriers of names. I believe that was the reason that everyone seemed to jump on the bandwagon of changing the SBC name. Thus, the legal opinion produced a reason that we should not change our name and really, I remember, money had nothing to do with it. Yes it was reported that it would cost $$'s to do this but the big drawback was the change in our polity because of the charter change we would undergo.



I think you are on track. Also, recall the Lifeway's #1 reason to change was to reach a "broader" evangelical customer base. While I lament they are no longer a "SBC" printing house, the decision was a business decision.

Though as I said in my little "excursion" on this topic that I am unprepared to argue the point at this time, I believe a significant amount of energy is behind this latest name change not because we're experiencing insurmountable obstacles from culture; rather we are experiencing an uncomfortable level of dissatisfaction from many young pastors--indeed perhaps better described as seminary student/pastors. And, a name change may be a way to placate them.

Understand: that's only an hypothesis (weaker sense). I hope to get time to do a little digging on that sometime before Spring 2020 :^)

Grace, Tim.

With that, I am...



You're very welcome, girl. Your posts, by the way, are very inspirational. Continue on, my SelahV!

With that, I am...

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