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The Coosa in the 1850s had a strong leaning toward the Landmark movement that was in progress that very year in the Cotton Grove Resolutions. In a few years, you had a strong prescence of Landmarkism due to AC Dayton being there and later moving to Perry (middle GA). The Landmarkers (i.e., Graves, Pendleton, and Dayton) had definite problems with limited atonement. Pendleton prefered "definite" atonement, Graves flirted with the moral government theory to bypass limited atonement and Dayton was more like Pendleton. Of course, these men had a strong dislike for PH Mell from about 1850 to 1870. In the 70s, Graves made his peace with Mell by renominating him as SBC President. Early Landmarkers were 4-pointers, but later ones (Bogard, ABA and Independents) frequently attacked Calvinism as death to evangelism as some do in the SBC today.
In Him,



Thanks for filling in some blanks.

Assuming prima facie your scenario of the magnificent Graves-Pendleton-Dayton influence, one may be justified in assuming that the most potent theological movement in 19th century Baptist life--The Landmark Movement--poses a significant challenge in itself to the Founders theory of a non-negotiable 5P Calvinism unshakably embedded among Baptists in the Old South.

Grace, brother.

With that, I am...

Steve G

G'day Peter,
I realise that your introductory remarks were just that, introductory to your true purpose of adjudicating on Brother Brister's reactionary statement about "true-blue calvinism" ("true blue" is a reference to a time long before the age of modern wachine machines and powerful laundry detergents, a time when there was a mysterious little blue bag which was stirred around in the final rinse water of the dolly tub on wash day. This bag was laundry bluing or blue, Reckitt’s blue-bags or in Australia True Blue bags were sold as penny cubes or indiviually wrapped in flannel or muslin. It had various other names over the years: Reckitt's Blue, Bag Blue, Paris Blue, Crown Blue, Laundry Blue.). True Blue 5 point calvinism it appears from his writings to be the only acceptable calvinism, a position that I would strongly disagree with, although even I could subscribe to those 5 points!

Brother Peter, I was in Louisville when Brother Morris made his speech, and I say again after reading it for the fourth time since, that it is a wonderful speech. I took no offence a this speech whatsoever and indeed was encouraged by it.
Truthfully, I was more concerned that you and I and others were more likely to be tarred (unjustly) as Baptist Identity landmarkers than that I was attacked as a calvinist. Brother Morris's statement about antimony in the matter of God's Sovereignty and human responsibility appears to have been drawn from J I Packer's defence of calvinism "Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God".
I felt that any defensiveness from those hwo would recognise God's Sovereignty a litle more than most may have been an unwise over-reaction.
My thoughts on your article: Like many an otherwise good sermon, your introduction ate up your message... but mainly because it misled one to believe that the article was about Bro Morris' message rather than Bro Bristers.
Blessings bro,



You stated:
"In addition, Dr. Z.T. Cody, editor of The Baptist Courier (South Carolina denominational paper), answered the question, "Are Baptists Calvinists?" in an essay at the turn of the 20th century with an emphatic "No." "

That settles it. No more disputing. The Charleston Confession was really the Charleston Apparition! Evis ain't dead. UFO's are real. Global Warming is true.

May you and Al Gore keep up the good work setting the record straight!




A delightful criticism and much appreciated. Another way of saying it is, my porch was bigger than my house! Know, however, I do live in the south where big porches for big rocking chairs remain common ;^)

And, my brother, the very reason we remain in tight fellowship--as have Southern Baptist Calvinists & non-Calvinists for over a century and a half--is the mutual respect between us concerning each others biblical-theological position. Neither doubts the 'biblicalness' of the others faith.

Since Founders has made their goal to 'reform' Southern Baptist churches which deny their version of Calvinism, there can never exist a similar spiritual cohesion. A basic about-face--or, in biblical categories, repentance--must be initiated from the southern Geneva before talks of peace have success.

Grace, Grosey. I trust your day well.
With that, I am...


Dear Chadwick,

Flattery will get you nowhere!


Denying history originating from your own state of service is a practice you may need to reconsider.

I trust your day filled with God's presence.

With that, I am...

Steve G

Thanks Oeter and you are correct... the demands to reform from the reformers is not conducive of a respect for liberty of conscience within evangelical parameters.

Steve G

ooops Peter not Otter.



Great post and great insight. While I do love my five point Calvinist brothers and sisters, and I do appreciate all they do for the Kingdom of God; I still think that they've gone to seed on Calvinism.


peter lumpkins

Thanks all.

My internet has been down for a couple of days so I was out of touch.

After receiving much encouragement via email, I placed a follow-up to this piece.


With that, I am...

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