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Steve G

Always knew you were lofty Peter.


This is so neat! Uh, didn't see the Quaker Lady. I remember watching the Lofty Ideas show when they spotlighted ya'll. It was nice. And Kathy was her ever-loving gentle self.

People, Kathy is one of the most artistic ladies you'd ever meet. She could make sets that rivaled Carmen's.

Peter, what a wonderful tribute to one of the most genuine ladies I know. selahV

P.S. Kathy's talent is hereditary. Kim Radford has a genuis all her own.

Les Puryear

Wow! Beats anything I've seen on HGTV (my wife makes me watch it).


Thanks guyz! It was a really cool place to live. It was also a challenge in many ways. We were on the "front door" of an area renaissance. Hence, it was thoroughly crime-laden, and one had to be particularly careful on the streets at night.

SelahV, thank you for the warm things you sais about Kathy. God knew what He was doing. No one--and I literally mean NO ONE--but her could put up with me for 37 years and still love me like she loves me.
(And I am still haunted by the 'Quaker-Lady-deal':^(

With that, I am...


Peter: you should be haunted! ha ha. selahV

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