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Les Puryear

ROFL! Great post. Who cares about declarations and those who sign them in the 21st century? There are way too many self-important people writing meaningless statements for the purposes of self-promotion. I'm sick to death of it.

Perhaps another idea for a post is for you to list all the ways you've grown in the last five years and what a swell fellow you are.

Thanks for the laugh.



Thanks, Les. I'll think about a way to construct it. Do you think you could be among the original signatories? :^)

Grace for this weekend, brother.
With that, I am...

Steve G

Trouble with the redneck declaration Petey is it don't go far enough... South I mean... you blokes have no idea of what a true redneck is all about.
How many tiger snakes have you "whipped" alive to snap their necks? Now c'mon Petey, them little rattlesnakes tell you where they are hiding, where's the fun in that!
How many dead and dying drunks have you carried on your back for 40 miles after they rolled their utes? C'mon Petey, muscle up man! Its only 10 miles anywhere to the nearest hospital. And you got things called ambulances that suck your money.

How many times have you faced down drug dealers with guns aimed at your belly and told them.. this is my patch, and I will skin you if you enter it again (I have a nice collection of skins, I ain't never seen your collection matey).

How many scars have you got from riding wild pigs in the bush? Youth group activites on a Friday night were to go spotlighting with no guns on the back of trucks in the scrub to ride wild pigs... chase them down and jump on top.. and see how far you get with them tuskers! C'mon Petey, I saw your nicely tanned and oiled hide at the SBC... where are your scars sonnyjim? Under the ol' Mullet?
So qualifying as a redneck means you get to yell a bit and carry a 12 iron? honey, Tiger's wife has a better iron than that, and she knows how to use it!

Red Neck's of Georgia.... pleeeeease!
Red Neck's of Australia... ha! We got a hole in our ozone layer.. we are red all over!!!

In spite of my ragging.. good to see a fun article at last. Even the short guy liked it! Love you guys;



You're so silly. :)

Big Daddy Weave

"too many self-important people"

Ain't that the Truth!

Now back to writing my next post on how I will single-handedly save the world from both the far left and the far right...via my blog alone of course.

Tim G

Put me down! I am there!

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