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Peter, why not just tell us how you really feel? :) I commented on a previous post just yesterday and hit the publish button and saw my comment. Later, I came back and it wasn't there. I realized today that it had taken typepad a second or two to list my comment and then ask me for that series of letters to confirm I wasn't some robot. The captcha didn't appear at first. Now I realize I must have missed the captcha message. Anyway...that explains one way a person's comment gets lost in cyberspace. Personally, I know you'd never flag me unless I tell the world about your "viper" sermon. :) Blessings, my friend. selahV

Tim G

You do have a way with words - timely indeed. I hope I am NOT flagged! By the way, what is the new direction you are heading with the blog?



You're banned from now on. Just not on my sites (wink)...


Hey, bro. For the record, I found one of your comments in my 'spam' bucket sometime back. I restored it but the post was already washed out to sea.

As for the 'change', mostly it's about platform, not substance. That may disappoint many :^). I will continue to address the Calvinist Coalition in the SBC as well as some of the 'hotter' denominational 'power' woes--at least until July of next year.

The SBC is really in for high waves ahead. And, know I appreciate what your doing over at your site. You're one of the few pastors who blog concerns similar to my own.

Grace, my brother.
With that, I am...

Joe Blackmon

Peter, there are some things that I might disagree with you about (i.e. Calvinism) but your analysis of this particular blogger and his/her lack of a life is CLASSIC. Good on ya.

Tom Parker

Joe Blackmon:

I would call what you did in the comment above mine piling on. She has been more than patient with you on her blog.


My Brother Joe,

Thanks for logging on. For the record, note the words I wrote:

"In addition, some who are aware of a few tricks can keep changing their IPs to keep commenting. These people are the ones who wrongly think commenting on someone's site is a matter of free speech. They are also very, very dissatisfied with life. Plain bored is a good way to put it..."

Observe, my brother, precisely whom I identified in the statement and whom I did not. It wasn't particularly the blogger in question I identified with an issue at this juncture. Instead, "these people" reference those who change IPs in order to continue their 'free speech' rampage.

I haven't the faintest idea if this blogger is savvy enough to continue switching IPs or not. Hence, there is no connection here. In fact, the only connection I meant to imply in this post is the actual connection with the words I quoted from the blogger's post.

In addition, my blog was surely an analysis of the blogger's flawed leap in logic, a leap assuming that because the comment didn't show, therefore I deliberately deleted it because it "hurt my cause." I stand by that. It's just simply nonsense to assume such without proof about one's comment. Period.

However, you seem to think I went further here with an "analysis of...his/her lack of a life." Note the words again: "very, very dissatisfied with life...Plain bored..." The two are definitively not the same.

I appreciate your contributions here as well as your encouragement, my brother Joe. I often find much identity with what you write.

Yet I thought I needed to let you know that your agreement with me on this post evidently stems from your reading more into the post about the blogger in question than I actually implied.

Grace brother.

With that, I am...

Joe Blackmon

Well, I stand corrected then, Peter. I am encouraged that you read what I write. We all do what we can, eh??

Get 'er done!!!

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