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Debbie Kaufman

I agree with this statement made in Part 1.

You might say that Southern Baptists just keep repeating themselves in revisiting the same issues and feel that is a bad thing. I would make the argument, though, that rather than the length of this discussion being a discouraging sign, it is actually an encouraging one. I say this for two reasons. First, just because something was discussed nearly a century ago doesn’t mean we shouldn’t discuss it now. Circumstances, organizations and generations change and conclusions that made sense at an earlier time may not make sense today. Second, and more importantly, the history is showing that we keep having this conversation because Southern Baptists really love and are committed to missions. I am proud of that continuity. The fact that the reason we want to keep revisiting the way we do things is because we keep wanting to see if there are better ways to obey Jesus’ command to take the gospel everywhere. That’s a very good thing.

I guess I am asking what is your point Peter. All these posts and I am not getting what the bottom line is.

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