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Matt Svoboda


What are your thoughts on SBC entities doing all of this "creation care?" Do you think these conferences are good ideas? Productive?

peter lumpkins



From my understanding, no sphere of behavior/knowledge stands outside a viable Christian response. Hence, anytime we can speak a theo-biblical worldview about any sphere of knowledge--in this case, ecology--one cannot count it wasted endeavor.

Once granted, the reservations I sometimes express about much of the eco-hullabaloo today is the "trendy" aura emanating from the discussion. It's as if evangelicals have climbed aboard yet another cultural bandwagon secularists have been riding for years.

And the weird thing about it is, many times they're so decidedly condemnatory about it--not toward secularists but toward other evangelicals...the ones who, more than likely, hold a fairly firm--albeit bashful--biblical ecology. In short, there exists a subtle but ugly self-righteousness within 'green' evangelicalism.

With that, I am...

Randy Williams

I'm not familiar with 'Creation Care' per se, but I am aware that many Christians have concerns and no solid leader out there give solid leadership in this area.

Unfortunately, this is an area we have to play catch up on when really we should have been leading then movement instead of the leftist secular groups.


peter lumpkins


Hello! I do not disagree. The continued void of a Christian worldview nuance in ecology has left the academic discipline to fill with pantheistic wackos. To now reclaim a viable voice is just shy of impossible. I suppose Sisyphus remains our model.

With that, I am...


The Lord Jesus told us to fish, not clean up the fishtank. He'll do that one glorious day.



Merritt and Gushee will hit it off real well.

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