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Bill Harrell


Whoever, whether one or many, wrote that piece of legislation should be tried for treason. We don't need any external enemies. Our own people are doing a good job of destroying us from within. I have often wondered what the United States would look like if liberals actually had their way. Well, this legislation is just a glimpse into the way liberals think.

Bill Harrell

Randy Williams

I'm beginning to understand how the colonist felt as they watched their distant British Parliment pass taxes and the like without direct representation. I sure don't feel like I have representation since my elected officials blow me off (and millions of others)when I write to them and voice my concerns. Where's Patrick Henry when you need him? (Patrick who, our kids would ask?)

Tim G

I do believe we need more than a Tea Party! That is so shocking I am speechless.


This HAS to be the judgment of God upon us because other than that, I do not see how the lawmakers who wrote this could have EVER been legally elected.

That video gave me quite the chuckle indeed as I sat and listened to such insane policy. But when and until the people start voting and voting educatedly(I made that word up), I am sure this kind of nonsense is going to continue, unless of course we be fighting against the judgment of God in which case no education will overturn this except repentance.

peter lumpkins

Guys All, I'm with you. Who can fathom the thinking which puts a legislative piece like this together?
With that, I am...


wow this is great... we send illegal immigrants to an island off the coast of New Guinea.... if they survive maleria and a year of inquisitions then we see if they can make the swim to Australia.
well... that was the way it used to be before our leftist government got in... now we can't afford to send the naval boats to rescue the illegal immigrants so.. they just...

peter lumpkins

Why can't we learn from you guys in underearth?
With that, I am...

p.s. I've been meaning to skype you. However, for some reason I cannot get connected with the modem I just installed.

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