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Where I live we seem to have the opposite problem: goofy emotion, spiritual warm fuzzies, and navel lint gathering.


But, now that I think about it, that could be the other side of the same coin. In some places, there is little true spirituality and appreciation for the things of God and longing to know Christ. There's no felt need for orderliness or the mind and spirit cooperating in harmony to worship God, so reason flies out the window and in comes the false "wonders of religion" in the guise of overstimulated emotion and empty religion.

Good quote, Peter. I'm trying to better understand it. And I might be too "rational" for my own good.

Bob Cleveland

I like the quote. A lot.

There's no way to explain true worship to the unbeliever, anyway, so there's certainly no need to try. But they might more be expected to understand the exuberant dance of David, or the crashing cymbals and strumming harps of Psalms, over the dead "worship" I was exposed to for a lot of years.

It is in peoples' nature, I think, to get excited about things that really interest them .. really involve them ... (Southern football, anyone?) ... and there's no reason for that not to carry on into one's worship of the God who saved their soul.

Sadly, I seem to hear more criticism of enthusiastic worship from folks who think it's not "spiritual", than of quiet introspective adoration from those who are more enthusiastic. That just ought not to be.

Romans 14:4, once again.

SelahV Today by Hariette Petersen

"Unto You do I lift up my eyes. O You Who are enthroned in heaven."

Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on and loving-kindess for us, for we are exceedingly satiated with contempt.

Our life is exceedingly filled with the scorning and scoffing of those who are at ease and with the contempt of the proud (irresponsible tyrants who disregard God's law)." Ps.123:1,3-4.

As we look upon the faces of those around us, may our worship be in spirit and in truth. May He feed our spirits and we never cease to be ashamed of the Truth offered in Him. May we find the boldness and courage to meet the call He has placed upon us all to divide the truth and break the Bread of life for every hungering soul.

Tozer offers us a great reminder Peter. Thanks. selahV

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