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chris Gilliam

But then the brand you must verify

Be it supra, infi, or Amyraldian

How is it we get the blood of the Son


Some Calvinists are quite sure
That five points alone are pure
And not a drop of blood was wasted

(Don't quit my day job, I know...)


Byron, why aren't "all" Calvinists quite sure? Why only "some"? selahV


Oh, that was a good-natured joke on my part, because not all Calvinists are five-pointers, so they are not sure "That five points alone are pure." I have a good friend who's basically Amyraldian (four-point) and he insists he's Calvinist. He's certainly not Arminian, so I guess I have to grant him that.


For me personally, I think to be a consistent Calvinist you have to be a five-pointer, but not everyone agrees. However, I'm grateful for as many people as possible who are Calvinist/Calvinistic. May our tribe increase!


Byron, oh. selahV

Dave Miller

We need definitions!

Arminian - someone who is less Calvinistic than I am.

Hyper-Calvinist - someone who is more Calvinistic than I am.

Finding the perfect balance between sovereignty and responsibility - priceless!


Dave Miller, I thought I was as Calvinistic as you could get and still be sane, until I met another good friend of mine. Compared to him, I'm like 4.9997 points (I only get in due to rounding error in my favor). I truly do not think there is any Calvinism higher than him that remains orthodox.


Problem with middle-point: Limited Atonement.
It is not the issue of limited or unlimited in Baptist life and practice. It is the preaching of the gospel. Non-Calvinists don't want it limited, thinking their preaching is in vain. Calvinists do not want unlimited, thinking salvation then becomes work-centered.
If a "Calvinist" does not believe in repentance and faith (as some love to suggest), he ceases to be a Calvinist and becomes a Fatalist. Even our Primitive Baptist brethren detest these types of Baptists.
Grace and peace to you all.
Remember theological debate is not a sin; Casting caricature stones might be!
In Him


perhaps the tune to "If I Had A Hammer" would work


okay, okay, I'm really late for the dance, but here's one for you:
to the tune of Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves you ? Are you sure?
Answer me and don't demur!
If you're not of the elect,
The song you sing is quite defect!

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