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Dave Miller

It was a ridiculous statement for someone who admittedly did not understand the facts.

Kent C.

So what do you call someone who admits he 'doesn't have all the facts'...yet makes a recist comment himself. Sounds like Obama is 'racial profiling the cop' here to me. Sad, a President with a recist chip on his shoulder. I hope his military/defense decisions come with more thought and information.

Chris Gilliam

From what I understand (from a black friend of mine) Gates resisted authority with arrogance and now accuses the cop of racism in order to justify his lack of appropriate respect for authority. What is a shame is that he is being rewarded for lack of appropriate respect for police authority and is creating a terrible example to the black community. And for the president to make a comment shows his total disrespect for appropriate authority structures. So I guess we can all believe that from now on police are excellent at doing the supid. America welcomes chaos with cheers-- perhps that is the next headlines!!!


Okay, so I followed the link and read Dr. Boyd's opinion. I was neither impressed nor inspired by what he had to say.

Racial Profiling--If a black man committed a crime and is on the loose, we are looking for a BLACK man, not a Caucasian, not a Hispanic, not an Indian. That's not racist! It is COMMON SENSE!

Professor Gates--Instead of being belligerent towards the lawman, he should have been grateful that his property was being protected. And race not withstanding, the WHITE cop was preparing to defend the property of a BLACK man. Professor Gates owes and apology and thanks to the lawmen who do so every day to protect the property of individuals without regard for the color of the individual they are protecting.

Dr. Boyd's opinion--our experience may be myopic to a greater or lesser degree, but that does not change the law nor does it DISMISS the ungrateful, belligerent, racist behavior of a professor who is full of anger towards WHITE men.

Thanks for pointing this out Peter.



test #1

John Fariss

I wish I had see this entry earlier. At the beginning, I will say I do not have all the facts; I know only the facts (who said exactly what, when) are disputed by the principals involved.

But I do know this: I am a former police officer, in a city not known for its racial tolerance: Montgomery, Alabama. And if I had arrested a man (black or white) in his own home for "Disorderly Conduct," I would have been reamed out so bad I could not sit for a week, maybe a month! And BTW, I would have expected my chief to refer to my actions in such a situation as "stupid," probably qualified by several interesting and earthy adjectives and adverbs.

I was a cop back in the 1970s and early 80s; and my observation is that there has been a change in police attitudes since then. Maybe "attitude" is not exactly the right word, maybe it is more a matter of mind-set. My father was a career police officer, spending his last ten years as chief in an Alabama town of 16,000 people. Although he had served in the military himself, he did not like to hire former military police officers because he said they had too much to unlearn in order to be effective civilian officers. What I see in many of the officers I have dealt with in my last 25 years in the ministry is that same sort of rigid, military-style thinking, which does not mesh well when confronted by civilians who are likewise rigid in their thinking, behavior, and especially interaction.

In other words, there is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the issue


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