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Les Puryear

Wow! Excellent series by Will Hall. Thanks for linking this.



Thanks. Hall's analysis is surely something about which we should think long and hard, and about which should stir more open but serious dialog about the SBC.

Especially is this crucial during times when we've got public calls for tens of millions of dollars spent on restructuring, merging, etc, etc. If our data is inaccurate or too incomplete, we're likely to make regrettable decisions.

Further, I'm certainly not saying Hall's analysis stands or should stand as definitive. But somewhere Southern Baptist bloggers--obviously me included--simply must get over our love-affair with instant proclamations, quick determinations, and forged conclusions based on premature, half-baked evidences.

With that, I am...

Chris Gilliam

well well what a little more research sheds light on. That includes your book too.

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