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Darby Livingston

I think Boyd's view of God is actually heretical, and I'm not one to throw that term around. I'm not convinced his view of God and the gospel can be reconciled. So I find it ironic that he even claims to be a Christian. Yet, I thought both the posts you referenced were consistent within his framework. He pointed out the idolatry in both.

Peter, do you think it's possible that patriotism can be idolatry? I'm thinking of the German Christians who by and large bought into national socialism hook line and sinker. They were the descendants of the reformation and wandered right down Hitler's road with "God on their side." Do you see it being possible for American Christians to do the same thing? This is an area I've personally struggled to form a biblically informed conviction of.



Thanks for your input. As for your question, I am sure of the possibility of patriots embracing idolatrous patriotism. The way I understand revelation and experience, we are quite capable of making most anything into an idol.

For me, I am very uncomfortable with aggressive nonpatriotism's--I would classify Boyd perhaps as a nonpatriot--envisioning a national idol behind simple (and perhaps often) acts of allegiance we offer toward our country. In other words, as you mentioned being reserved about flinging the term "heretical" around too loosely (me too!), I am also reserved about flingling idolatry around too loosely when refering to patriots.

In addition, I think we all struggle with certain aspects of the church/state question if for no other reason than we not only face it every day as believers, we also remain citizens of two Kingdoms. In itself, that makes for the proverbial 'juggling of apples'.

Thanks again, Darby.

With that, I am...

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