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Kevin Jackson

I don't suppose there is audio of your presentations? They sound interesting.

peter lumpkins


Thanks. Unfortunately, no; no recordings available. I actually did not think to request it. Sorry.

I trust your Lord's Day weekend well.

With that, I am...

From the Middle East

Brother Peter,

I wanted to post this under the United States of Allah, but the comments were closed. At any rate:

Missiologists respond:


Peace to you brother,
From the Middle East

PS - Feel free to delete or move this as it has nothing to do with the current post. Of course, it is your blog... so feel free to do whatever you want without my permission ;^)

Donald H.


Very gracious to put up two resources. And there are calvinist out there that I like as well.

And others that bring shame to not only an in-house debate, but the body of Christ as well, like Spencer.

But the heart of this mindset:

(everyone not holding to Calvinism’s rigid five point frame-work as followers of Arminius)

is an affair caricature of non-calvinist or non-arminian, which I would just call them evangelicals.

For example;one wouldn't classify someone that is Lutheran in their theology as an Arminian nor Calvinist.

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