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As usual, interesting.


wade burleson


As usual, irrelevant.


Chris Gilliam

Peter, I find it interesting that Wade finds this irrelevant, since he is the one who likes all in the open.

You post demostrates to me that the lack of integrity in some that I desire for myself.

peter lumpkins


Thanks. Hope you are well. As for Wade, not sure why, if the posts here are irrelevant as usual, he reads them or even takes the time to comment on them. Perhaps he's bored, having no 'heretics' to expose. The "Landmark Conspiracy" hoped for at SWBTS just didn't gain any traction.

I too desire integrity and long for integrity in my life.

Grace, Chris. With that, I am...

joe white


I am with David, this is interesting.

I guess to be more relevant you could follow Wade's example. His last 4 "relevant" posts include: (1) a photoshopped fake image of a tornado, (2) a list of charity donations and CEO salaries, (3) a world demographic movie that snopes.com designates as having a "Mixture" of truth, and of course his old standby (4) "Landmarkism Is a Growing Problem in the SBC".

Relevant – (adjective) bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent.

Benji Ramsaur


As usual, ....[Ah!, I can't think of a word that starts with the letter "i"]

I'm not cool.

Benji Ramsaur

Let's all see how many words we can come up with that start with the letter "i".

If we combine the last post's comments with this one, we're already off to a good start.

Idiocy, interesting, irrelevant, integrity...

OK, how'bout identity, Ignatius?, ignoble, instant grits, IPOD, ingenuity, and all are "i"ncredible! [besides me].

Hey, I'm trying to promote peace in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Benji Ramsaur

Now, no one needs to get all hardcore on me and quote Jer. 6:14. Think Proverbs 17:22. :)

Don Andrews

The " new evangelicals" or the "young evangelicals" are intertested in the real important issues the older generation wase not spiritual enough to be involved in. Is this what we get for giving the younger generation a seat at the table? I am not 100% sure about how Merrit got his seat at the table, but I assume he is the son of former SBC pres. James Merrit. If I am wrong, please correct me. Thanks for the artilce by John Mann.

peter lumpkins


Thanks. You are correct about young Merritt being the son of James Merritt, former president of the SBC. And, I'd like to think, contrary to most, he got his seat at the table via hard work, vigorous study habits (I'm confident SEBTS did not hand him his degree based upon his dad's accomplishments), the likeability factor, etc.

As for your assertion that the "young evangelicals" possess interest in issues the older generation was not "spiritual enough" to engage, I assume you are being facetious, Don.

And, you are very welcome: I'm glad Mann's post was meaningful. Grace, my brother.

With that, I am...

Debbie Kaufman

The "Landmark Conspiracy" hoped for at SWBTS just didn't gain any traction.

Oh I think it did. I think that the outing of a lot going on the SBC is what spurred the current movement taking place. No one was even aware until it was blogged about. Oh I think it did a lot of good.

Don Andrews

Yes I was being facetious and also responding in the same tone as Mann's article. I am sure Merrit worked hard, but some of the claims of the good ole boy network in the SBC seem to ring true at times. I would hope that is not the case, but it makes one wonder. Unless we are refuting climate change, I do not know why we would spend many resources on it. It is a another rabbit-chase that, if we are not careful, diverts us from the gospel.
Thanks for the site and your efforts to keep relevant information on it.

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