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Well said Peter... and I am sure you would be aware that TL and I have locked horns here in Australia. Is the resurrection of the Lord Jesus a real time historical fact? Did it really happen? or like his associate said of the virgin birth, "it is a good story to say He was unique!"

peter lumpkins


Hello from topside! I trust you've been well. So, is Lorenzen still serving as Pastor there? And, is he still active writing and teaching? What is the mainstream Baptist response to his very strong ecumenicism?

With that, I am...


He has recently retired and is teaching sometimes as a lecturer in one of our secular universities.. he is also trying to establish a completely liberal theological college down here. He is the centre of a large group of more liberal mainstream Baptists that effectively control the direction of two of our State Union's of churches.
The effect has been almost a wholesale renunciation of Baptism for membership in our baptist churches. The general secretary of the Congregational churches here in Australia recently asked me "When are the Baptist's gonna get honest and acknowledge that they have become Congregationalists!" My response was that these days the Congregationalists hold more of our Baptist distinctives than we do.
Some of us are very concerned (but not many).
Hey Peter I may see you at the SBC!

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