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Bob Cleveland


Few posts in blogdom bring tears to my eyes. This one does.

Not only the GTO .. but remember Ace Wilson's Royal Pontiac terrorizing the drag strips, the "Swiss Cheese Catalina", the 421 Catalina 2+2, the 455 Firebird Trans Am, Wide Track, and all the other great things they did. Not to forget the SOHC Firebird, the Tempest V8/2 that Mickey Thompson set a bunch of records with (and even his 4-engine Pontiac streamliner that went 400mph...).

GM. A couple years after the Olds Cutlass was the top-selling model in the nation, they killed Olds altogether.

Now Pontiac.

It's been widely acknowledged in the auto-mag-world that Detroit leadership couldn't _________ (let your imagination wander).

peter lumpkins


I recall some, but man! You are one cool knowledge base! Remember, though: you are older than I am :^)

Grace for tomorrow. With that, I am...

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