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Peter, you never did acknowledge my question on the other post, concerning baptism, the Lord's Supper, and Christ's Apostles. I was thankful to interact with Luke on it. It was just out of curiosity, anyway. And no one has responded to this yet, so I thought I'd throw in my $0.02 worth.

You have shown me my error of thinking here: I thought even homosexuality could be considered a second tier issue, but clearly it cannot. After reading Romans 1, and 1 Corinthians 6, I see that it fits a first tier issue according to the Scriptures. It most definitely is a grave spiritual error of an unregenerate heart in Romans 1.

The MCC statement of beliefs is interesting. I was with them right up to and including the part that begins, "That Jesus...the Christ...historically recorded as living some 2,000 years before this writing, is God incarnate, of human birth, fully God and fully human." Then my red flag went up with the rest of that statement, which ends with, "and that by being one with God, Jesus has demonstrated once and forever that all people are likewise Children of God, being spiritually made in God's image." The MCC has confused being made in God's image with being children of God (which requires salvation). This proves they reject Scripture (at least portions of it), because Christ righteously accused some of being "of your Father, the Devil" (John 8:44) to those who nonetheless were made in God's image. Thus I can in all good conscience completely reject the MCC as even being Christian, though I do not so with the PCA (though I disagree with them on Baptism and other issues of ecclesiology).

Lastly, the order of the terms of accusation in your post is reversed in Matthew 5:22. It is the accusation of "moron" (Raca) which is mentioned first, and then the accusation of "Fool." I think your point remains, though, about our words causing serious moral breach. I know I still smart a little from the instruction you gave.

I am not sure about tiered levels of importance and the theological triage when it comes to doctrine. I believe where Scripture speaks, we are to obey, and where it is silent, we have liberty (so there's at least two tiers there, I guess). If we all had perfect knowledge, and a perfect heart, there would be no divisions of doctrine or fellowship among us as Christians, but sadly that is not possible in this world. We must follow Christ as best as we can.



Thanks. First, just because MCC thinks humans are 'children of God' does not mean they necessarily equate it with all humans being redeemed. Evangelical theologians have historically and routinely made a distinction between children of God via creation and children of God via Christ. That MCC confesses 'salvation through faith in Jesus Christ' is indicative of the latter.

Second, I haven't a clue your point about reversal. Third, I have nor real difficulty in accepting 'tiers' when we look at doctrine. But Mohler's tiers, like Grudem's continuum are tools, not hermeneutical universals to parse our Lord's words apart.

With that, I am...

Chris Gilliam

My hope is built on... Jesus blood and righteousness.
All other ground is sinking sand
All othere gound is sinking sand, (to which I shed teirs).

THanks for helping us think thru this!




It does not matter to me what the MCC thinks. I see your point, but they cannot escape the full force of Romans 1 or 1 Corinthians 6. It comes down to the fact that having the right "lingo" is not enough, that definitions of words do matter (e.g., Mormonism). I was trying to hint at my main point, but I'll say it directly: the error of the MCC dwarfs the error of the PCA according to the Scriptures. I reject both, but only one is non-Christian.

Second, my point was that you have misquoted Matthew 5:22.

Third, I agree. Your thinking has helped me here.



Sorry, I am the one who is mistaken. I was not aware you were quoting from the HCSB which I have no real familiarity with. Why is its translation different than others (such as NASB, ESV, and KJV). Sorry, the fault is mine.

Wayne Smith


AMEN to your word on DISCERNMENT FOR OUR Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

From my view, we really need to think through this particular solution as a universal interpretative principle before we not only embarrass ourselves but more importantly dishonor our Lord and Savior. Perhaps the theological tirage is a good, practical example to illustrate how significant discernment is. However, going beyond the practical and serving as a universal template to parse biblical theology may not only ask more of the tirage than it is capable of delivering, but also lead to irresolvable conflict none of us desire.


Wayne Smith


Dr Charles Stanley preached the Sermon of all Sermons this past Sunday on Conflict and Discernment. You can listen to it here.




Wayne, that was a good sermon. I emailed it to a friend. selahV

joe white


I am in agreement with the issues you have raised in this post. The points of concern that I have with the Theological Triage model that is being presented is twofold. Number 1, who gets to decide which doctrines and commands of our Lord go in what tier? For example: what if someone wants to lower baptism or at least baptism by immersion to a tier 3 level doctrine. Who gets to decide? Number 2, the labeling and relagating of some doctrines and commands of our Lord to the level of non-essential or non-necessary. It seems to me, if we are to become a true GC denomination that we must at least endeavor to "teach them to observe ALL things whatsoever the Lord has commanded".

By the way, I think Dr. Akin's Axioms has gone along way in defining for me this GCR. I am hopeful and moderately excited.

Tim G

Well done Peter.

I wondered how to best put my concerns with this whole triage issue. You have done it for me!

Thank you!

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