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Joe Blackmon

I personally have no use for or respect for the dude. This video clip only lessens my respect for him and I didn't think that was possible. He's starting to sound like Wa.... I mean whatshisname.


One word (not a dictionary word, but should be): evan-jello-icalism (ht: Phil Johnson).


Oops, that should be evan-jello-calism.

peter lumpkins

Joe & Byron,

Sounds like you guys have little appreciation for Saddleback's ministry in general or our brother Warren in particular. I must dissent. Warren, from my view, is not as far from historic evangelicalism as has been charged by many. Nor is his purpose-driven message completely without merit.

All that aside, the issue here is not about any other concern than whether our California brother was gravely inconsistent in his statements on Prop 8. If so, why? If not, how may the two very different statements be reconciled?

Grace today. With that, I am...


Rick Warren has at least two things going for him. He's intelligent, and he's a great communicator. I can see that clearly. And I do not think even his critics (such as myself) could deny it.

However, my first and lasting impression of him so far has been one who licked his finger and stuck it in the wind to see which direction he'd be facing that day. And I actually believe he is not lying, just that he hasn't fully explained himself. And that if you listen to him long enough, he'll wind up theologically waffling with masterful verbal contortions and convolutions to arrive to genuine harmony between the two statements without really taking a firm position on anything at all.

Hence, evan-jello-calism.

joe white


Rick Warren told Larry King and a nationwide audience that he is completely "oblivious" to gay marriage and the Iowa decision (and I guess we can also infer... God's Word). He further said that defending marriage is not on "his agenda". I didn't realize preachers were able to set their own agenda. I thought we were just messengers and that the message was supposed to be God's.

Interestingly, King's question was vanilla... "How did you handle all the controversy that resulted about the President selecting you?" Warren missed a golden opportunity to restate the Lord's view of marriage and His grace during difficult times; choosing instead to attempt a horrendous fence straddling routine.

Joe Blackmon


You dissent? How dare you dissent from me!! Kidding. You can be wrong if you want to. Bwahahaha!! That too was kidding.

John Daly

He said four guys but only held up THREE fingers.

Donald Hightower

Can't we all just get along?

I like jello by the way. In small doses mind you. Peter, I'm going to go out on a limb, and say I'm with you brother. God bless.

And you keep on dissenting!

peter lumpkins


Thanks. I appreciate the risk, my brother. Unfortunately, given my next post, you may be sorry for the risk :^)

Grace. With that, I am...


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