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Charlie Gerry

Who cares?

Ron Phillips, Sr.


Welcome back! You have been missed.

Ron P.




Charlie, I care. And it would seem you care, since you are here reading and posting a comment. :) Hurry up and put up a real post, Peter! Or dig up one of Socrates' personal letters and post it. selahV



Glad to see you back. I was in the mountains of NE Georgia the other day. I wish that you could have come up to visit. I had a great time in NE Georgia...up in those mountains.



Peter, nevermind the email I sent. It's working now, so the problem must have been on my end?

Love that Terminator video. I'm just glad you're a MUCH nicer guy than him. :)


I did notice something in this video. Notice how he throws the door open and it never shuts? But the door is magically shut before he crashes into the place. That bugs me.


Byron, you ought to be a set man. One of those folks who makes sure everything is situated precisely as it was before the next scene. I love finding those mistakes. It's fun. Peter is, indeed, nicer than The Terminator. But not by much. ha! ha! Just kidding Peter. selahV


SelahV, I'm not known for my powers of observation. It's ironic that someone like me would notice this (and I'm certainly not the first). I'm the guy that a friend of mine once remarked to me that, "There could be dinosaurs running loose on one side of the freeway, and a fleet of UFOs landing in a field on the other, and you'd be stuck in the middle in the traffic jam wondering what's the hold-up."


that is funny, Byron. so funny. selahV


Glad you're back Peter. I greatly enjoy reading. Looking forward to the next series of posts. :)


what a crashing re-entry!

peter lumpkins


No problem. Just don't comment again anonymously, or more properly pseudonymously...


I appreciate the kind words. With that, I am...

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