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Chris Poe

The last time I saw the DOM for our association, he said "The only thing we want to go to seed on is Jesus."


Interesting that the last two guest posts to SBC Tomorrow have been Louisianians. :)



"But if Gospel preaching is preaching Jesus, repentance and believing, then I think the heart of the SBC is in the right place."

Amen to the first half of that sentence right up to the second comma! The rest of it I'll take your word on it. I actually trust you enough for that. ;)


"Luke, While I do not think "most" SB pastors neglect the Gospel, I do think some pastors in some churches have definitely lost sight of "gospel preaching". They are the ones who follow after man, quote everything man says, rely on books, statistics, illustrations and the kitchen sink to make their points for their idea of what the congregation needs today, rather than lift Jesus up and let Him draw all men unto Himself. Some reach beyond the simplicity of the Gospel (being Jesus Himself crucified and resurrected) and stretch beyond that simplicity to complicate, confuse and confound. This is not the Gospel. While much can be said "about" the Gospel and how one receives the Gospel, lives out the Gospel, and shares the Gospel, the color-commentary must never ever overshadow the Living Christ our Lord and Savior.

I do agree, that the SBC has not lost sight of what the Gospel is. Prayerfully, she never will. selahV


IF the SBC were to move from Jesus as being the sole provider of our salvation via his crucifixion and resurrection, I will be moving as fast as I can to disassociate with such.

Mrs. V,
Though I personally do not know any SBC pastors, I do not doubt that Satan has sowed tares among the wheat. I agree with you that nothing in our Gospel preaching should overshadow the Living Christ.

William Marshall


My brief explanation of the gospel would include four components: God and Creation, Man and the Fall, Christ and Redemption, and Response. Thus, God created us, we sinned against Him, Christ died for our sins, and all who repent of their sins and believe in Christ will be saved. If you lose any of the above it seems to me that you lose the gospel. My fear (as one who has been in the SBC all my life, granted only 30 years) is that we have lost a proper understanding of how to respond to the gospel. We teach of God and of man's sin and of our need for Christ's Person and work, but too often we get the response to such good news wrong. For whatever reason, people think that walking an aisle, praying a prayer, getting baptized, joining the Church, is the biblical response to the gospel. Granted, it may involve some or all of these, but without true repentance and true belief, which are both ongoing in the lives of those who follow Christ, then it cannot be said that a person has biblically responded to the gospel. And if we get the response wrong, then in that sense, we lose the gospel.

I agree that we need to be cautious in concluding that we have lost the gospel in our Churches. How can we claim to know what is going on in all the individual Churches in the SBC? Yet, when I consider the statistics concerning membership attendance (or lack thereof), I cannot help but wonder if we have lost a proper/biblical understanding of how to respond to the gospel and how to encourage others to do the same.

Thanks for the post,



Responding to the Gospel is indeed a very interesting topic. For my post here, my point was to be specific about what the Gospel is. So, without assigning super-hero status to the early preachers(Acts), I thought it would be interesting to see what they preached or evangelized with. My list from Acts is as follows: Acts 2:14-40; 3:12-26; 4:8-12; 5:29-32; 7:2-53; 10:36-43; 13:16-41; 16:30-32; 17:2-3; 17:22-31. I should think you would like 17:22-31 especially in relation to your offering of the Gospel.

However, when I look at these passages as a whole, I have chosen to ignore their differences to focus on what they have in common. And what I find they have in common is that they appeal to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And as such as the background for my post, that is why I do not believe the SBC has lost the Gospel.

I might look into the response to the Gospel a little deeper though. Especially in relationship to the Parable of the Soils(Sower). Might prove fruitful. Pun intended. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts about the Gospel William.

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