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John Daly

Although I might be considered "the visiting team," I must concur in that this is a line-up that is indeed worth eating at the Longhorn in order to attend. In addition, since I am not young enough to know everything anymore, no doubt there will be some solid biblical exposition for one to ponder.

I look forward to the MP3s but remain rather convinced that my favorite flower will stay the same.


OK, Peter, forgive me but just in case any of those men happen to visit your blog, I have to do my best to get in you trouble if I possibly can. Who is your favorite speaker of all of these? And who do you think will do the best job on this topic, if a different person?


John Daly, what do you think of Timothy George's ROSES acronym? In the horticultural context, the Tulip is not my favorite flower (unless it's plastic and therefore can't die under my care). But theologically, I'm with you (just wish there were 6 or 7 points instead of just five, though, personally).

peter lumpkins


Thanks alot. I suppose now I'll be kicked out of the conference...

Of the Pastor-theologians, I have heard all three live and read at least one book from each, with Vines being my favorite.

Of the 5 academics presenting, I have surprisingly heard none of them live (as I recall) other than a "report" or something that does not count. As for writings, my experience is, for the most part, papers and public positions they've taken. I can think of no book of any I've actually read from cover to cover.

So, when I say this, that should be helpful: I don't know who I favor.

With that, I am...



I do not really know any of them very well. But I have always particularly enjoyed listening to Charles Stanley. He seems to have a way to make theology very practical, and no doubt he will do the same for evangelism at this conference. I have heard enough positive commentary on the others to be interested in listening to them in general, though I would respectfully disagree in this specific area. My only wish is that Roger Olson would be speaking as well.


i had to laugh Peter, when i saw today's verse of the day..
1 Peter 2:9
But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

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