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Well said.
Without good study and godly scholarship its the blind leading the blind..and both fall into the ditch


Peter, I've started noticing something. I tend to only reply when I disagree with something. Lately, I have not replied much to any of your blogs (by my standards, anyway). I'm afraid I'm turning into a lurker. :)

Good post.

Ron P.


I too have been lurking. Actually, I have been so busy with the addition of a foster baby that we are in the process of adopting (and church and work as well). I have missed the interactions on the blogs a lot.

You are correct that there are many bloggers (and commenter's), who lack the necessary skills at reasoned debate and critical thinking. Too many of them have gone to the Joe Biden school of speech: Make up or say things that support your position. Facts do not matter. The only issue that matters is the point being made. It also reminds me of the Dan Rather fiasco with the falsified papers about George W. Bush. Rather still insisted his story was true, even though his evidence was fabricated. This is the level that "critical thinking" has been lowered to.

I guess my question is what are we to do about it? I would suggest standing your ground and keep up the good fight. The Word of God is worth the fight!

By the way, in your last post in which you were called a derogatory and coarse (colorful) word, I would submit that it precisely proves my point. If the argument can not be answered with reason, then the attack will not be the logic, but towards the person making the argument.

God Bless,

Ron P.


thanks for the post


Hi Peter,

In my opinion, the "popular blog" you refer to is the blogging equivalent of the grocery store tabloid, with the ridiculous headlines, about UFOs, the world's fattest person or the latest gossip about Hollywood's bad boys and girls. So, it's not surprising that facts, research or deep discussion are avoided and even ridiculed. What's sad is that so many people seem willing to jump on the bandwagon. As preposterous as those headlines in the tabloids are, they haven't gone out of business yet. I guess there is always a market for the sensational.

peter lumpkins


Thanks. And as for Wade asserting I "agreed" with his view in a round about way, I haven't a clue to what he refers. I think it demonstrates once again the sloppiness of the approach employed in using sources I so often opine pertaining to the posts at G&T2U...


I understand, my brother. And I with you do not know what to do except continue to point out those inconsistencies. As for the bombastic image BDW created especially for my benefit, I have to say, that may be the most provocative he's ever been anywhere I've seen his footprint. Lawyers unfortunately gain a reputation for short fuses with the non-lawyerly types. Perhaps its the nature of their studies that drives such, who knows?


Always my pleasure and I trust your & your husband's ministry is going particularly well. I have to say I agree fully: "there is always a market for the sensational."


This is really freaking me out: you becoming a 'lurker' since my posts are more agreeable to you and Dave actually stating he agreed with me two times running. He said when he returned, he'd disagree regardless. Well, the reason he has not returned is obvious: he agrees with every doggone word in this post! Help! :^)

With that, I am...


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