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John Daly

May we violate your copyright and have free access to your "pictures?" And, knowing your penchant for flawless prose, may we indeed assume that your "misspelling" of Governor in the campaign photo was intentional?

John in St. Louis



You are most welcome to the pics. I appreciate your asking. And, for the record, I must confess, to your disappointment, the misspelled word is a careless mistake. I repent in double sackcloth and triple ashes.

With that, I am...



Personally, I agree with Voddie Baucham and think the nomination of Palin shows how desperate the right-wing conservatives are for political victory. They are compromising their professed social standards of family structure and authority in order to gain politically. And unfortunately, I am not innocent in this area either. I want McCain to win so badly I will still vote for him (and honestly, my pocketbook) because though I like Obama personally I believe his presidency will be worse for the country (certainly for me, which is my ultimate concern). The nomination of Palin may indeed be politically brilliant, though I'm not qualified to tell, but somehow it rings hollow when placed in the same paragraph as phrases like "pro-family" and ideas like adhering to Scripture as our ultimate standard. I think it shows how wordly we've become, and how much we have grown to depend on human wisdom over God's truth. At least, that's the way I see it, and I've already admitted that I'm still voting for McCain (for very personal and selfish reasons), so I'm not taking the moral high ground here; I'm simply trying to point out what I see as an inconsistency at worst, and at least a cause for great concern.



Thanks. Actually, I do not at all consider Palin's nomination inconsistent with a robust complementarianism. While Brother Voddie can believe as he pleases on it, I think perhaps his take on Palin's VP run is more consistent with his radical views on Home Schooling than it is inconsistent with biblical revelation.

Check out Al Mohler as well as the CBWM who also responded to it.

With that, I am...


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