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I think this is too deep for me. selahV


Peter, with all due respect, I believe this work at best will simply preach to the choir of the already persuaded. More often than not, I suspect his arguments may simply serve as positive ammunition for debates in the specific area of Christian theism, perhaps scoring points intellectually but leaving the mind and the heart fundamentally unmoved.

Within orthodox Christianity, both synergists and monergists affirm the necessity and priority of the action of the Holy Spirit. That's not to say that the Holy Spirit cannot and would not use such a work as this, though. But I believe any Christian would affirm the superiority of Scripture to any collection of reasoned, philosophical arguments for Christian theism, and I believe this is what 1 Corinthians 1:17-30 says as well.

I honestly believe that the best testimony to the Christian faith is not the finely-tuned, intellectually flawless arguments for Christian theism, but the power of a life radically changed by Christ who delivers from the bondage of sin. Perhaps that seems a bit anti-intellectual, but I really don't think that God is first and foremost concerned with how intelligent we Christians are, or how well thought-out and honed our arguments are.

Having said all that, this looks like a good book!

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