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Camel Rider

I'm hiding behind the piano in the saloon waiting for the first shot....then maybe I'll let off a few rounds :-)

peter lumpkins


Now, Now. Just watch where you point that gun. Remember, I'm the good guy.

With that, I am...



The resemblance in both voice and feature is interesting. Perhaps there is more reality than we know. Wade should be honored that you pay him such kind tribute.

P.S. - I'm hiding behind camel rider.

peter lumpkins


Whoa! I'd be particularly careful, Chris. Behind Camels are no place to hide, I've been told...

With that, I am...



Peter, though I agree much more with Wade than I do you, that's an excellent western (I watched all three parts of the Chester theme) with which I am completely unfamiliar. If nothing gets blown up and there are no computers, aliens, or government officials in black sunglasses and dark suits anywhere in sight, it's usually a safe bet that I haven't seen it and know nothing about it (say what you will on what that reveals about my personal life).

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