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I agree with you on this. It would be disastrous for Obama to be elected as our President.



Peter, do you think the "I am proud" statements that jumpstarted her speech were sublimally aimed at the not-so-proud statement Obama's wife said last February? I do. selahV

peter lumpkins


Interesting observation. I don't know. But worth reflecting upon, to be sure.

With that, I am ...



Well, I have to admit, this year has taken me completely by surprise. First I thought the Republicans would have a better candidate (we don't). Then I thought, well Hillary will be the Democratic offering for sure (she wasn't). Then I thought, well, she'll have to settle for VP this year (nope). I'm like, wow. But I think SelahV is right, though I have no way of knowing for sure. I just hope we don't put Obama in the White House or we'll get what we deserve. He's a charismatic man and very likeable as a human being, but he's far too liberal (good grief, I can actually favorably compare Hillary to him, and that's scary!).


Hey, Byron. I have another tidbit for you. Bill O'Reilly was dissing the orange-colored pantsuit that Hillary wore for her speech to endorse Obama and rally the troops to vote blue states to not jump ship to the red states. He says, What's up with that? And don't think Hillary isn't color-conscious because Dick Morris pointed out that she had been advised on what colors to pick whenever she gave particular speeches and made appearances. So what IS up with the orange? Orange is the opposite color on the color wheel to blue. Hmmmmn, another sublimnal? ha. it's funny to see these things. selahV


SelahV, you seem to be very perceptive. I don't trust her. And I don't understand those that do.


Hey SelahV et al,

I saw on one of the news programs before Hil's speech where her camp was "testing" several suits for the right color against the backdrop - which color had the best "pop" Certainly the Clinton's are capable of the sublimal message (see former Prez' crazy remarks about "For whom would you vote?)but in this case I suspect it was keeping the Senator from getting lost in that big blue background.

Now of more concern to me SelahV is the fact that dear Byron really didn't know anything about Gunsmoke? What's the world coming to!

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