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Peter, why is it that gospel music just makes me so happy and encouraged to step into the water and wade out a little bit deeper? Love it. SelahV


Peter, that's a great upbeat tune. No wonder selahV said it made her happy. I noticed she steered clear of saying it made her feel like dancing, though... :) (If I wasn't a Baptist, it would be a great little tune to dance to, if I knew how).

peter lumpkins

Byron & SelahV,

I say let's dance. David is our model. Yet, while Byron is still young enough to do so, the dance today is a bit out of my and SelahV's moving capabilities. I will be the double nickel Wednesday, and, SelahV--please don't tell her I wrote this--is far, far older that I. Why she may be almost threescore and ten by now.

With that, I am...



PETER!!! why, uh, how dare, bleh! well, I never! no, yes I have and hmmph, thought you were my friend. LOL.

Byron, I do dance to the snappy gospel tunes. As a matter of fact I was listening to a full-gospel radio station the other day while riding in the car and the song was about dancing (literally) in the Lord. I wanted to stop the car and dance in the streets. My souls does the two-step, tango and cha, cha, cha with Jesus all the time. My aging feet simply does the waltz. selahV


SelahV, I wouldn't tell the whole Baptist world that. Oops, too late. Wish we could all worship God with a heart like David's, even if it included dancing for joy in worship and song.


Byron, I just worship the Lord like me. God likes me a little. :)

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