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Benji Ramsaur


Quick question: Is your new format doing funky stuff?

It seems as though lately [to me] your comment threads might be out of order--at least somewhat.

Also, on a September 25, 2007 post I noticed that the last [or near to the last] comment I made originally is now the first comment seen on the thread. Also, I think at least 2 of my comments are no longer there.

By the way, my daughter liked your cat.



Benji Ramsaur


This sentence above should read--Also, on a September 25, 2007 post I noticed that the last [or near to the last] comment I made originally is now the first comment [from me] seen on the thread.

Benji Ramsaur

OK, I get it now Peter. The comment thread is going the reverse of the way it used to go.

Reminds me of that message I think my Mom put up on my wall growing up--Be patient, God isn't finished with me yet :)


Benji, if you'd come visit more often, you'd know he changed the rhythmn due to Typepad's comment limitations. Drives me wacko, but what can I say? Peter won't listen to me. :) I've sorta, kinda, almost gotten use to it now. So what do you think about the EC? I think it's kinda like hobo stew. Everyone brings whatever ingredient they have to the fellowship of believers and all the things sort of mingle together without any particular thing standing out, except Jesus is the Savior. selahV

Benji Ramsaur


OK, OK, you've got me groveling...:) I understand the order now. I just wish I had the cat and my comment(s) back:)

Honestly, I don't think I know enough about the EC to talk about it much.

My suspicion is that it has its good and bad points and that there are different ideological branches within it.

I'm a fan of the New Covenant theology movement which [I think] neither lapses into doctrinal indifference nor creedalism; modernism nor traditionalism.

With the foundation of inerrancy having been laid, I think the New Covenant theology movement is lay[ing] down a hermeneutic on that foundation that could bring wonderful unity to many Christians.



P.S. Just slapped my wrist for getting off the subject:)


Benji...I miss the cat, too. selahV

Benji Ramsaur

Gentle SelahV...:)

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