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I'll tell you what these EC guys sound like. They sound confused, very confused.



I am still withholding judgment Peter. I appreciate what you are saying here but I keep seeing Jesus preaching love and acceptance and then yelling at the pharisees. He was able to be humble and approachable while still condemning that which must be condemned. I am in agreement on many of the things the EC sees as the problems (including dispensationalism)but I have not been convinced yet that they are providing the solution God is calling us to.

peter lumpkins


Thanks. I am unsure if you mean, from the critique I offered, that I may be suggesting that Jesus did not preach love to outsiders and "yell" at the Pharisees. Though I would not put it in those terms, perhaps the effect works out to the same. Thus I do not disagree with what you are saying.

My contention with Jones and Trucker Frank is the obvious innovative yet thoroughly misguided use of Jesus' words in MT 18. To suggest that Jesus is not speaking of disciplinary measures in the verses turns the entire passage upside down. Of course, for ECs like Jones, that is precisely what they are driving at concerning "traditional" Christianity. For them, every interpretation of every verse is up for grabs. And the lens through which they view the verses is the postmodern spectacles.

Nor do I consider myself dispensational per se. However, I have a profound respect for their hermeneutic and would never castigate it as "dubious" theology which "manufactures" a "subservient" God. That is entirely unfair, a bogus caricature, and frankly goes squarely against the "humble" and/or "generous" orthodoxy that EC attempts to portray concerning themselves.

Here is the truth as I see it with ECs like Jones: they appear to be extremely open to radical leftist agendas, practicing homosexuals, and people in other religions. They are hard-nosed and radically critical of evangelicalism, especially fundamentalists. Incidentally, many of these EC folk seem to have come out of a legalistic fundamentalist background.

Later, Strider. With that, I am...


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