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Tim G

Well done and thorough Peter. Appreciate you!

peter lumpkins


Thanks. I see you've had a couple of bombs thrown your way for your post. Keep writing.

With that, I am...



As usual, you reveal what is obvious to some, yet obscure to others.



Great analysis.


When I think of Ben Cole's unsuccessful campaign against Paige Patterson, the story of David and King Saul comes to mind. Patterson may or may not have anything in common with Saul, but Ben Cole certainly could have learned a lot from David. David feared God too much to mess with the anointed leader of Israel, despite the fact that he had opportunities, some popular support and at least a few good reasons. Sometimes we just need to trust God and focus on Him rather than circumstances or people around us.

Debbie Kaufman

Katie: If you are saying that we cannot question those who are ministers or expose wrong doing, then you are certainly taking both the verse and story out of context, which seems to be more the norm for those who cry inerrant. I believe scripture interpreting scripture, all the Bible being taken into the interpretation. I think that is something your analogy sorely lacks.

Unsuccessful? It wasn't unsuccessful at all, in fact just the opposite. You guys seem to think that just because silence is now occurring, that the things we have wanted is defeated. Oh how little you know. That is far from the truth, and it's far from being done. Just sit back ladies and gentlemen and just watch. As for Ben, he is doing what he has been planning to do for four years. Nothing more and nothing less. There is nothing wrong with being true to yourself.

Ben has been honest, that is more than a lot of Baptists are, wearing masks instead. I applaud his honesty.

I wish this post were as honest.

peter lumpkins


I always appreciate your contribution. I think the analogy is apt and one on which we can all reflect...

With that, I am...




You wrote, "If you are saying that..."

Actually no, that's not what I was trying to say. If you want to, you can re-read the comment. Other that that, I don't have any suggestions for you.


I do not know Ben Cole or Paige Patterson, so I cannot really comment much on the context of this blog post, but here goes.

I do not believe that every SBC minister really has the calling of God to be there. Some are simply well-intentioned but misplaced, or even misguided. Some will simply prove to have impure motives and even false professions of faith. Unfortunately, this is simply reality. Praise God for those men who are called and true! May God send more of them.

If Ben Cole's true calling is politics, or whatever it is outside of the ministry, by all means he should pursue that, in Christ. I believe as Spurgeon said, which I am badly paraphrasing due to my faulty memory, that if a man can do anything else besides be a pastor, he should, but if he cannot, and must preach or die, then he is the man. Christ will place each believer in the Body as He sees fit, and I believe that conflict and bitterness will naturally cease when the Holy Spirit guides according to His own desires. We can all find other believers with whom we share little in common, but if we share Christ, we should pray for them and their service in the Kingdom for the good of all.

Again, I do not know either of these people. I have no opinion concerning Ben Cole or Paige Patterson. However, I am almost guilty of idolizing Albert Mohler, and because he is close friends with Paige Patterson, I have to subscribe to the idea, "a friend of his is a friend of mine." I am sure many good things can be said about both men.

I pray for the best for both men, and for reconciliation (hopefully on this side of Heaven).


I actually think Ben Cole is right concerning the intellectual honesty of politicians versus pastors (not for all pastors, though). A politician has governmental authority, which he makes plainly evident in the course of his duties. Some pastors, perhaps even many, separate themselves from their congregation as if they are not ordinary people, and seem to promise a direct line to God, when their congregation has the same Holy Spirit and written Word he has (again, please don't misunderstand me; I'm not talking about spiritual giftedness and eldership themselves).

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