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Tim G

Great work here. I wonder if the GCR is really about evangelism and evangelistic methods or more about policies? My question stems from the fact that we are doing the work of evangelsim around the world with the exception of here at home. So if the push is to motivate us back to true evangelism here - great. But I am reading much about the push tied to the IMB, thus the guidelines. Makes a person wonder.


Peter, Dude, how in the world do you find such things? I'm so impressed right now. I'm speechless.

Good stuff.


peter lumpkins


Thanks for the encouragement. I must say, the internet chats about the GCR is not as helpful as could be. I know when Robin Foster posted last week about the GCR, raising questions that obviously all strategies demand, rather than many advocates coming to answer, they appeared to come and "defend the fort." He got pounded from certain folk!

I am unsure why. Maybe it's just the environment of the internet. Grace brothers. With that, I am...



Peter, the new site design looks super sharp. Great work!

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